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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Primark Haul

Hello lovely people! I've finally got time to show you my mini Primark haul from my visit back to the UK!

 As you can see there's some pretty trending patterns I've picked up, in particular aztec and tribal prints which are still going strong for me and this gorgeous heart print which I am IN LOVE with, especially as it's burgundy and a tea dress!! Three wins right there my friend and an OOTD post to be done real soon featuring that dress.

The aztec shorts I think will be great for days at the beach and general sunbathing as they'r super light weight being a linen style material. I bought them several sizes too big for a more slouchy. I hate tght elastic as quite frankly no one needs muffin top and Primark sizes can be rather bizarre at the best of times!

I'm also particularly loving the bikini set. Primark do the bet swim wear in my opinion as it's value for money and washes well and just lasts! I'll certainly be stocking up on more of those on my next trip.

So that's my mini haul, it's nothing massive as there wasn't a vast amount of summer stuff out in February beginning of March. If you want to see more of the haul check out the youtube video where I've also shown the bits I picked up for Chris too! It might even give you ideas on what to buy your other half.

I hope you're having a lovely hump day! No innuendos intended there...heh..



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