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Tuesday 26 September 2017

I'm Over You, Get Under Me | Style

how to wear pink for autumn winter

Boohoo imogen pink wool coat

Coat- Boohoo
Fur Stole- eBay
Smock dress- New Look
Rose Gold Loafers- New Look
Bag- Matalan (similar here)
Necklace- Accessorize

Boohoo Imogen pink wool coat

Last week I went to visit my blogging vlogging pals Pippa from Clashing Time  and Cara from Polly Pocket Beauty who have recently moved in together in London. We'd arranged to take some outfit shots in their area and who knew that the location they had in mind would match perfectly with the outfift I had chosen!?

how to wear pink for autumn winter

new look rose gold loafers

I know typical AW colours are burgundy, mustard, khakis etc but I am still feeling pink so much right now. It's become a bit of an unhealthy obsession; that and rose gold (every bloggers weakeness!) The fur stole adds to the cosy winter feel as well as the wool coat which is in the sale on Boohoo at the mo.

New Look pink smock dress

photo of Matalan pink tote bag

My bag is a little Matalan number and everyone always says how lovely it is. I love the colour but I have to say the quality is not there as after only a few months the faux leather straps are starting to break *sob*.

how to wear pink for autumn winter

I'm also obsessed with smocks at the moment. I wore my gingham one all through summer and now I'm all about layering them with thick tights and leggings to see me through the winter. This pink number is in the sale on the New Look website and flatters a curvier figure like mine; skimming over the tummy area hurrah!

how to wear pink for autumn winter

Pippa took these photos and I have to say she's done a fabulous job, even if we did get told to "get away!" by the old lady whose house it was. Whoops! 

And on that note I'm off. I hope you're enjoying the outfit posts of late. I've got some upcycling. DIY home projects coming veeeery very soon. I'm just waiting to finish them so stay tuned!

Are you back to the dark colours for AW17 or are you braving a bright colour?

Monday 18 September 2017

And you can watch from your window

2017 autumn curvy style

2017 autumn curvy style

I can't decide if these sunglasses look really cool or make me look like Elton John...

2017 autumn curvy style
Shirt- Abby Clancy for Matalan (old)
Jeans- F&F
Ballet flats- Kate Spade
Bag- Ark
Sunglasses- Bowler Vintage York  

2017 autumn curvy style

2017 autumn curvy style

I shot these myself again in the front garden. Who knew living next to a church would be so handy for a background!? I got a lot of stares this time round- probably because it was midday and from this angle people can see me even more from the road but I'm trying not to care. The only time I'd be totally mortified would be if people were filtering out of the church after service!! I can just imagine the awkward conversation now. "Oh hello. Yes I live here. Oh I'm just taking photos...of myself... by myself..."

2017 autumn curvy style

I'm not entirely sure what to wear this autumn...Nothing has caught my eye yet but watch this space. In the meantime, can you tell me this seasons trends please? Ta very much!

Thursday 14 September 2017

She Had Power Over Men | Style

Photo of She's A Gentry

Who knew my garage would be ideal as an outfit back drop? Oh yeah, that's right- Laura from Loved by Laura pointed this out to me the morning after many a prosecco at my humble abode. It's amazing what you can have right under your nose and not even see it.

How to style a Zara tunic dress

I've been wanting to take outfit photos by myself for some time but plucking up the courage has taken me a little longer than I anticipated. As handy as Chris is at being an Instagram husband, sometimes he's just not in the mood to snap away and I feel a pain asking friends to take them- that and I can pull dodgy faces in shots when I don't feel 100% comfortable... #kimkuglycryface

Photo of a Zara embroidered grey dress

This dress is from the SS17 Zara collection but it's actually perfect for the milder autumn weather with a pair of boots and a floppy hat. I adore the embroidery and the bell sleeves!

How to style a Zara tunic dress

Dress- Zara
Bag- Radley
Hat- eBay
Boots- eBay
Bracelet- Thomas Sabo

Photo of Zara grey tunic dress

Now, in all honesty, taking photos on my drive didn't go exactly perfect. I did have a few on lookers blatantly staring at me so I resorted to staring back and holding their gaze... That seemed to do nada but as soon as I started waving enthusiastically they soon walked/drove off! But if that's the worst thing that is going to happen- I think I'll be okay!

How to style a Zara tunic dress

In the meantime I'm so chuffed that I've got my blogging mojo back. Its been tough over the last few months as I've crammed every possible social occasion into my calendar but now I'm slowing down a bit and enjoying life in the slow lane; giving me time to get back into my hobby and passion.

I hop you're all well and I'll be back soon.

Monday 11 September 2017

The Office Update

I've been in our new gaff for five months now and one of the first rooms I had to get organised was the office. I'm one of those people that needs a specific place to blog, work and create so that's what I've created.

Photo of a rose gold, white and pink office

Prior to our move, I had a Craft Room (see here) but this time round I wanted a cleaner and more grown up space.

She's A Gentry Office

I decided to go for a white, pink and rose gold/copper theme this time round. Shock horror- a blogger that likes pink and rose gold!?!?!

Rose Gold Chair IKEA hack

There's still some crafty features to the room- you can take the girl out of the craft room but never the crafting out of the girl! My office chair is the same one as before- I just spray painted it copper! I love that chair and there's nothing wrong with it so with a bit of spray paint it fits perfectly with the aesthetic of the room. I also spray painted the mason jar on the windowsill and my hole punch too.

pink and rose gold office bedroom

My desk is from the MALM range at IKEA and as plenty of depth to it, meaning I can spread my crap around when I'm making things and have two laptops on the go if I'm editing photos and videos simultaneously. I'm a multi-tasking wizard!

Matalan homeware office

Vase- Matalan
Lamp- Wilkos
Candles- No 9 is from Primark, floral one was gifted
Rose gold flower- Daphne Rose

 To accessorise the desk space I picked up some really inexpensive pieces such as the magazine holder, in-trays and stationary pot from Wilkos.

Wilkos rose gold office stationary

These cats were made by my very talented Nan! She's recently had to go into a home and wanted all the family to have a piece of her pottery. I thought the cats were pretty fitting seeing as I'm called Kat and they're a lovely reminder that she has carried down her crafting passion to yours truly!

Madeline Mallet Pottery

The office also doubles up as a guest room when friends and family come to stay but when it's not being used as a bed, it's a comfy day bed covered in fluffy cushions!

Matalan pink and rose gold cushions

Fairy Lights- eBay
Mohair cushion- Matalan
Copper Cushions- John Lewis
Velvet Cushions- Matalan

How to style your office rose gold and pink

Chris' wardrobe also lives in here as I may have completely filled the built in master wardrobe... la la laaaaa...

Rose gold office bedroom style

Lampshade- Wilkos

In the very corner of the room I've shoe horned in my beloved IKEA chair which is a perfect reading nook; with a foot stool tucked behind it if I really feel like stretching out. The rest of the time the stool houses Old Bear- my very first ted who is a little worse for wear but nonetheless a priceless possession.

IKEA hack rose gold furniture

I'm really pleased with how my office has turned out and it's proved to be a perfect space for me to create and work. The view out the window is great and offers a lot of light in the afternoons, making this space perfect for blog photography too!

I've got some more room re-vamps in the pipeline with the next one being the living room so stay tuned for that as well as some home upcyclng DIYs also so watch this space.

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Happy Anniversary with Hotel Chocolat*

Today celebrates Chris and I's 4th wedding anniversary and in all honesty I don't know where the time has gone!

Hotel Chocolat review

As Chris is away in sunny Las Vegas (the swine), we decided to celebrate a little bit earlier with a Hamper for Two from Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat anniversary gift

The box arrived looking beautifully wrapped in ribbon in a gorgeous keepsake box and we were both pretty eager to see what was inside.

Hotel Chocolat anniversary gift with She's A Gentry

It has to be said this hamper was pretty perfect for the both of us; containing:

-20cl bottle of Sparkling Pink Rosé
-Small-batch Cocoa Beer
-Dark Chocolate Beer Truffles Selector
-Oysters & Champagne Chocolate Truffles
-The Chocolate Nano Slab Gallery

There was even a book on the meaning of chocolate which contains excellent quotes and justification as to why we all deserve some chocolate, (not that we needed much persuading!)

Hotel Chocolat Hamper for Two

This hamper suits both of Chris and I's tastes, having award winning English brewed beer and sparkling rose for yours truly- both being a match made in heaven for the luxury Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat Hamper for Two

Hotel Chocolat searched long & hard to find a bubbly that could accompany their signature chocolate. Sourced from Venice, this fruity, violet fragrance is balanced with delicate and pleasant aromatic notes of almond.

Hotel Chocolat Hamper for Two

The Cocoa beer is small-batched and brewed with traditional Fuggles hops. The flavour of the cocoa creates a savoury bitterness with notes of tobacco, cocoa and coffee. It's best served chilled and with of course the dark chocolate beer truffles.

Hotel Chocolat Hamper for Two review

We try to be romantic, we really do but it usually ends up with laughing and as you can see below- chocolate shoved into my gob by Chris!

Date night with Hotel Chocolat

This hamper was such a lovely treat and a nice way to enjoy one another's company with some luxury in the comfort of our own home. If you're stuck for an anniversary gift, birthday or any occasion that warrants some fuss- Hotel Chocolat have a fabulous variety of hampers and gifts all at varying price points; making them affordable for everyone.

To finish off our anniversary date, a photo was in order and as I'm a soppy soul, I wanted to create this particular photo. It's one I've been wanting to do with Chris for some time!

She's A Gentry

Yup- I'm a soppy bastard but I also think it's pretty cool and a nice memory too. Pretty sure everyone on our Facebook is vomming though...

So that rounds up our fourth wedding anniversary! What do you do to celebrate?

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