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Tuesday 30 September 2014

Wedding VLOG Part 3!

photo of mr and mrs rayment on their wedding day

A third vlog? Yup! This final wedding vlog is bits taken from the day. For some reason the video thumbnail link just doesn't want to appear which is actually infuriating so the link to the video is here:

So if you want to see parts of our special day filmed by my wonderful mothership (thank you mum) and other guests footage the click above! There are also some sneak peak official wedding photos included. A full post will be coming on that in due course.


Friday 26 September 2014

A quick update

photo of mac laptop with laydey katabella blog

Hello lovelies,

Just thought I'd fill you in with what's happening basically! Tomorrow I fly back to the UK and to say I'm excited is an understatement... I CAN'T BLOODY WAIT!! So I'm currently making sure I've got all my belongings and chilling with the hubby before my flight. It's time for a new chapter, away from Cyprus and around family and friends.

Also you may have noticed that Laydey Katabella has had a bit of a re-vamp in the past four weeks. I've been wanting to re-do my layout and blog page style for quite some time but felt I couldn't produce anything that would look right. After a bit of dabbling one afternoon I thought sod it lets go for it. Six hours later and a lot of tea I produced this and I'm really pleased with it! I'd been tempted to pay someone to make me a template as I thought it was out of my depth but I'm glad I didn't as I learnt some new things and really love what I've achieved. It's exactly what I was after. I hope you like it!

Anyway that's it really. I've scheduled some posts and videos for the first few weeks of moving back as I'm not sure what I'll be doing and things are going to be a bit hectic so bare with me. Thank you everyone for your support of my blog and youtube channel, I really appreciate it!

Big love,


Tuesday 23 September 2014

What's in my hand luggage?


So I was debating whether to do a full blog post on this, but I think the video is far more fun to watch so why not click on the link below?

I'm sorry for the lack of full posts this month. Things have been pretty hectic with moving and having no belongings for six weeks whilst they get shipped back to UK. It's not ideal! But fear not I have lots of exciting ideas ready for next month so keep your eyes peeled...

In the meantime, enjoy the video!

Sunday 21 September 2014

The OSHI Boat Party

OSHI Boat Party tickets
OSHI Boat Party Tickets *

OSHI Boat Party cocktail menu

OSHI Boat Party

OSHI Boat Party

OSHI Boat Party

DJ Humf OSHI Boat Party

OSHI Boat Party

OSHI Boat Party drinks list

OSHI Boat Party

OSHI Boat Party

OSHI Boat Party

OSHI Boat Party

Last weekend Chris and I were invited to OSHI's boat party. We predominantly know OSHI for their exquisite oriental restaurant based in Limassol and Winner of Time Out Eating Awards 2012- Best Asian Cuisine. The whole experience at OSHI restaurant is interactive from the word go, with touch screen tables which allow you to order your food and drinks, view the chefs on webcam in the kitchens, change the table background and much more. Not only do they have this fun concept- the food is phenomenal. The presentation, taste, textures and flavour fusions are just exceptional. It's definitely one of the best places I've eaten so when they invited us along to the boat party we immediately said yes!

The boat set sail from Limassol Marina around 19:30 and there was a fancy dress theme but with all our stuff already packed, Chris and I just went as we were. The staff however were all dressed up and greeted you ready for a good time. We decided to start off with cocktails and were surprised at how inexpensive they were. They were also really tasty, maybe a bit too tasty as the photos I snapped got progressively more blurry... 

As the boat went along it was lovely to see Limassol from a different perspective and seeing the beach bars and palm trees as the sun went down. It really was pretty. The music on board was rather awesome too as DJ Humf from BFBS started us off with some funky house which was actually quite fitting with the fancy dress! He then went on to play more dance music whilst the drinks were flowing, the fancy dress being passed around and everyone getting progressively more lively! Needless to say Chris and I got a bit merry to say the least and met some really cool people. It was great that everyone was up dancing, got involved and were there to have a good time which made the atmosphere amazing. There was a mix of ages too. I also took it upon myself to tell the kitchen staff (who were behind the bar) how amazing their food was and how much I loved it but in my tiddly state I'm not sure it came across as sincere as I hoped!

All in all the boat party was awesome. We weren't entirely sure what to expect and came away buzzing after what was a top night. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Limassol and also highly recommend the OSHI restaurant. The staff  are so friendly and really made our evening special. Thank you for inviting us along, we loved it!

Have you been on a boat party? Hope you've had a great weekend.

Friday 19 September 2014

My Sunglasses Collection

photograph of my sunglasses collection

photo of big primark sunglasses

photo of colourful ray ban aviators

photo of me wearing geek glasses from Primark

Todays post is mainly linking you to my latest YouTube video on my modest but fun sunglasses collection. Oh and some geek glasses thrown in too! I was totally inspired by Lily Melrose to do this video. That girl has serious skills when it comes to editing her videos and of course filming them too! 

I've recently been converted to the wonder that is Final Cut Pro X. Up until then I'd been using the rather basic Windows Movie Maker but it was getting to the point where it wasn't offering enough creativity for me anymore. Anyway I'm still learning but I think the quality of my videos is vastly improved using FCP!

Anyway waffling aside, here's my sunglasses collection. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe for more videos!


Tuesday 16 September 2014

The side swept braid hair

So recently I tried something a little different with my hair, something I refer to as the side swept braid hair. The images are what I posted to instagram and I got some lovely compliments. Having long hair means you can create lots of different styles and I was getting a bit bored of my usual swishy curly mane so thought I'd switch it up. It's also been boiling in Cyprus over the summer and this style means I can wear it down but have some airy freedom around my neck so I don't boil!

It's a really really easy look to achieve and I think the contrast gives the illusion of a shaven side of your head; something which I think looks really cool but I'd never dare go for.

I think its a really versatile hairstyle with regards to styling. It would look great for an evening look and be rather elegant or as more of a grungy rock vibe with a band tee and boots.

If you want to know how to do this hairstyle yourself I've done a super simple youtube tutorial so click below!

What do you think to this hair do?

Sunday 14 September 2014

How I spend my weekends: Sunsets and Dog Walks

Yesterday evening about 7ish, Chris and I took Harry for a walk as usual. It's a nice time of day to take him as it's nice and cool and recently I've been noticing the sun set at this time. Every time I've thought dammit why didn't I bring my camera so on this occasion I took it along and got these shots. I've been wanting to get some sunset photographs since we got here so I've finally got them just in time with two weeks left. It wasn't a completely clear evening but the pinky blue clouds looked rather beautiful I think. I'm getting a little better/confident at editing my photos now too- what do you think? 

I've got to admit this is one of the parts of Cyprus I will miss the most. It's right behind our house with beautiful views and we can walk to the beach this way. Harry loves having a good old sniff about but we daren't let him off the lead in case he gets bitten by a snake. I cannot wait to let him off the lead and run free when we get to the UK! This is also some of my favourite quality time with Chris; walking along and having chats about our days. It really is lovely.

How have you spent your weekend?

Friday 12 September 2014

My Current Make-up Routine

Hey hey it's Friday! And today I thought you may be interested in my current make-up routine. This is what I've been wearing on a daily basis throughout the months of summer and I'm still wearing it now due to the Cyprus summers being rather long! If you'd like to see how I apply my make-up, click the video below:

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I'll be back on Tuesday with a hair post. Stay tuned!

Big Love,

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Lunches in Larnaca and OOTD

How is everyone so far in September? I hope the weather is still nice in the UK? I'm due back at the end of the month, yippee! In the mean time Chris & I have been doing our last bits of exploring the island of Cyprus and today we took a trip to Larnaca.

Shorts- F&F Tesco
Top- Primark
Sunglasses- Primark
Sandals- Vivienne Westwood
Bag- Vintage
Belt- Primark

Larnaca isn't like the side of the island I live- it's pretty and feels more Greek than Limassol. It's also not as touristy as places like Paphos which is quite refreshing. The beach front is beautiful with lots of little cafes around, largely coffee shops. Who wants to drink coffee in this heat!? Anyway we stopped at one for a drink and I got a lovely wild berry smoothie. It was seriously delish! If you walk a bit further down there's the marina which again is very pretty and had lots of lovely restaurants with picturesque views of the sea. We stopped at one for our lunch and both ordered the prawn salad which was seafood heaven and so filling! 

It's still super hot here so I opted for an easy pair of shorts and a bandeau top. I hate getting strap marks when sight seeing so a bandeau is a must and these shorts are so comfy and easy to wear! If truth be told I can't really be arsed with really put together outfits on scorching days like this- keep it simple.

Also thank you to my lovely hubby for the outfit pics! He hates doing it but I really appreciate it!

Have you visited Larnaca or Cyprus in general?

Check out my outfit video below!


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