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Monday 20 November 2017

DIY Upcycled Bar Cart

DIY Drinks Trolley

D'you ever do a DIY and think yeah I'm really bloody proud of that? Well that's how I feel about this project. It was shockingly easy to transform but my my has it made an impact.

I'd been eyeing up drinks carts like these two for quite some time, but with them costing between £100-£350, you'd have to be trolleyed to pay that surely? It's effectively just a metal cart- meals on wheels even so I set about finding a thrifty and cheaper alternative...
Five pounds later, I became the proud owner of a tea trolley, courtesy of an old lady I found selling hers on Facebook market place.

Apart from a bit of grim and a few cobwebs, this tea trolley was in pretty good nick but the floral design on the trays had to go...

I chose to spray paint my trolley, being quicker and more uniform than painting it on with a brush and this Rust-oleum craft enamel was my weapon of choice. It's fast drying acrylic paint which is perfect if you're as impatient as me at letting things dry. In less than an hour it's dry and is hard wearing as well as toy safe.

DIY Drinks Trolley

A spray paint later, I felt like the hostess with the mostess with my transformed trolley. A lick of paint had given it a new lease of life and was ready to be accessorised with all the drinking paraphernalia that Chris and I own.

DIY Copper drinks trolley

DIY bar cart

I picked up the cocktail kit from eBay for around £15 which ties in perfectly with the copper theme and added some battery powered cork lights into some empty Haig Club bottles to brighten up the corner of the room. The glass punch bowl was given to me by my thrifty mothership who found it in a charity shop for around a fiver so all in all (minus the booze), this DIY totalled around £25.

Copper bar cart

DIY Drinks Trolley

I'm super chuffed with how well this DIY came out and how cheap it was too. I better brush up on my cocktail making skills in time for Christmas and New Year as I can see us having a fair few drinkies! I'm also planning on doing a post on the dining room before and after at some stage so stay tuned for that.

upcycled drinks trolley

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it and if you want to see me in full spray paint action you can see more in the video below!

Wednesday 15 November 2017

All over, all season, face cream- SteamCream*

These dark nights of late call for bubbles, pampering and Netflix in the bath and I've been loving using this beautiful moisturiser from Steam Cream as part of this ritual.

I recently discovered this whipped beauty from Steamcream and had to share it with you. So what's so special about this cream? Well it's all natural and harnesses the benefits of steam to give you a deeply replenishing and nourishing skin cream. It works on all skin types- even if your skin is of a sensitive disposition! Having oily skin myself I was dubious at first that it would break me out into an oil slick but it works in synergy with my skin and the light consistency makes it airy and easy to wear morning, noon and night. I love to use it under makeup of a morning and then as a relaxing treat in the bath of a night time. The lavender scent is perfect prep for a restful bed time and calming in the manic rush of a morning. 

With its price point at £13.95 I'd say it sits comfortably in the market with the likes of Lush products but the quality to me is very similar to L'Occitane which pleases my inner thrifter greatly! I've been using it for a good couple of months now and it's hardly made a dint in the tin- another big tick. 

I started using Steamcream at the back end of summertime and it worked a treat in the heat. It's transitioned into autumn winter with having plenty of punch to keep my skin hydrated and happy whilst not needing to cake it on to get the benefits. It's an all over, all season wonder and I bloody love it. 

The packaging is one of my favourite parts to purchasing as you can pick your own design! I went for pink and blooms but there are a huge array of ever changing designs to choose from to reflect your personal style. The most recent designs to come out are the Christmas ones which make for a perfect gift to yourself or a loved on too.

Have you tried out Steamcream yet?

Sunday 5 November 2017

Black Beauties | Hotter Fit Fortnight

Top- Primark
Pinafore Dress- New Look (similar here)
Boots- Hotter*
Hat- eBay

As winter draws in the layers are increasing, boots are lengthening and clothing is thickening up for the weather ahead. I'm loving corduroy pinnies this season with knitwear and long boots and this one from  New Look is a cosy dream. It's kinda practical as far as dresses go? Nonetheless it cute for country walks with the husband and hound.

I picked these amazing boots during the Hotter Fit Fortnight - an event held throughout the Hotter stores for two weeks to promote getting shoes that fit you properly. I had my feet measured and instantly felt transported back to childhood and getting school shoes! Hotter have full and half sizes as well as a wide fit range to ensure you get the perfect fit. 

After lots of perusing and trying shoes on, I opted for the Belle Boots and they're ridiculously comfortable. You may recognise them as a taller version of the Lotty boots I got last year which are still going strong but the long length of these Belle Boots make them so cosy on my legs with their lovely lining. They go with everything... and I mean everything. I adore them with dresses and skirts but thrown on with a big chunky jumper and jeans looks equally as great. 

Hotter do a plum version which is was so tempted by but these black beauties go with so much in my wardrobe and their nubuck finish makes them look seriously chic. They were the perfect fit all thanks to the Hotter team sizing me properly and are an excellent addition to my boot collection.

What are your winter boots of choice this year?

Tuesday 31 October 2017

Top Five Designer Dupes

I've never really done a post like this before and I must express that I use the term designer rather loosely but recently I've found myself drawn to such items but not their price tag so in true thrifty style I've found some similar alternatives...

Kate Spade spade stud earrings

I love me some Spade but I can't always justify a pair of earrings around the £40 bench mark. The latest signature spade studs are these gold ones in Selfridges, retailing at £30.00.

Now take these little beauties which are oh so similar and almost identical to the gold except they're silver. These retail at Jewellery Box for just £3.95, being almost a tenth in price and they're sterling silver! 

These are from Jewellery Box who also do a silver and enamel pair, similar to the Kate Spade gold and black enamel pair from a few seasons back. 

Jewellery Box- £4.95

Kate Spade- £40.00 

The Marble Side Table

As we all know, marble has been a huge trend for a while now and doesn't appear to be going anywhere. This side table from Dwell is pretty perfect for resting drinks or casually displaying some coffee table reads but at £249 I think I'll pass...

Meanwhile at George of Asda (yup you heard me right) they have this slightly smaller but taller version at a very reasonable price of just £25 and it's a solid marble top too!!

If you're not feeling the white legs you can spray paint them silver, copper, etc which I think you can stretch to, having saved £224 not buying it from Dwell. 

Alphabet Glasses

I loved the alphabet mugs in Anthropologie a few years ago and now they've moved onto glass tumblers which would look perfect on a drinks trolley ready for a cocktail. They retail at Anthropologie for £14 each and they are oh so pretty but I can do one better...

Say hello to these £4 beauties from Matalan! They are practically identical to the Anthropologie ones except that the gold looks a slightly different shade but for £4 I think you can let them off no?

The Chloe Nile Bag

Everyone has gone rather gaga over this Chloe Nile bag and admittedly I'm one of them. There's something about that ring detail that makes this bag irresistible but at £1,150 they're not within everyone's budget, including mine!

Let me introduce you to these eBay gems, retailing at £16.81 if you're purchasing from a U.K seller but they're even less if you're willing to wait for one to be shipped from Hong Kong or China. Now admittedly I can't take much credit for this dupe. Gemma from Lifes A Catwalk brought my attention to this dupe over on Amazon but I then found these cheaper ones on eBay. Notably there are some differences between the genuine article and the fake; with the ring handle being significantly larger on the dupe and the obvious Chloe logo is missing. Of course the quality won't be there with the dupe but for some throwaway fashion and a bit of fun- they're pretty decent!

Friday 27 October 2017

Come #bumbleabout in The Peak District | Bumble Campers Review

Bumble Campers

The van life craze has certainly hit the UK; with more and more people getting inventive with their camper conversions. I recently discovered Bumble Campers- a small budget camper rental company based in Yaxley, Peterborough. I couldn't resist a taste of van life for ourselves and a sense of adventure so I got in touch and booked for a long weekend in The Peak District.

Toyota Previa van conversionn

Chris and I have done many a festival and camping trip over the years but as we get a bit older, we're not so up for roughing it and why should we settle for a wet tent when you can pitch up anywhere in a camper!?

DIY campervan bed

Our 2 seat 2 sleep camper coverts from a seating area with table to a full blown double bed. The van comes equipped with attachable black out blinds, ensuring you get the privacy you need to sleep, change etc. They were so effective we'd have no idea what time it was until we checked our phones! And before you ask- yes there are charging points in the van, runnning off a leisure battery so you can rest assure that you can still tweet, post, snap your adventures and not drain the car battery! Sleeping in the van was incredible cosy and warm even in October with cool windy evenings so we felt snug as a bug and really refreshed the following day.

bumble campers

After a good nights rest we were ready for some hot food. The boot of the camper van has been cleverly converted into a kitchen area, with the boot roof acting as an awning in the elements. It comes equipped with a sink area, plates, cutlery, cooking utensils, a gas stove and even a fridge! You literally have everything you need to set yourself up for a day of adventuring and with a full belly each, Chris and I were raring to go.

small budget camper van rental

dog friendly camper van rental

A huge tick in our box was the fact that Bumble Campers are dog friendly so naturally we brought along Harry the hound who loved the country sights and smells. The van even comes equipped with #bumblebingo which yes is probably aimed at kids but I couldn't help myself and kept me entertained on the journey.


She's A Gentry

Having the freedom to #bumbleabout as we pleased meant we could explore and discover some countryside gems that we would have otherwise missed by staying in a hotel. The views across The Peak District were breath taking and spectacular. My photos don't do them anywhere near as much as justice as the real thing.

As soon as we were peckish or yearning for a pint, we could zip back to civilisation to quaint English towns such as Bakewell.

And if we didn't want to leave the van- we didn't have to! A cheeky brew on board with a Bakewell tart was the perfect tea break before heading to our next destination.

Campervan conversion UK

Bumble Campers

Before you panic and think we vandalised the van- the bonnet is chalk paint, meaning you can customise your van for the weekend and write whatever you like!

All in all, the three of us were buzzing after an amazing weekend and taste of van life. The only trouble is we've got the bug now and were as sad as Harry looks to part with the camper. Thankfully the rental is really affordable from £19 a day so we will definitely be renting one again for another long weekend or a festival and maybe even purchasing one of our own in the future as Bumble also sell their camper conversions too.

Will you be giving campervan camping a go? I would highly recommend a weekend to #bumbleabout and try it for yourself!

If you wanna see more of  van life, adventures and what we did in the Peak District, watch the video:

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