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Tuesday 27 September 2016

Autumn Florals | Outfit of The Day

Autumn Florals | Outfit of The Day

The beginning of autumn is always a bit of a weird one. It's nippy in a breeze and when it's cloudy but as soon as the sun comes out, I find myself getting a sweat on!

how to wear autumn florals

This dress has been a life saver. Being midi length and long sleeved but thin makes it perfect for warmer days and a good piece to layer on top of. The best bit of all though is that fact that it was £1 with the tags on it from the charity shop! Can I get a high five?

Autumn Florals | Outfit of The Day

Autumn Florals Outfit

To layer and keep me warm, I've been obsessed with my faux suede biker jacket from Tesco. The faux suede is super soft and inviting and goes great with tan ankle boots and handbag.

springer spaniel rescue hound

Another great accessory is of course Harry! He came on a trip to Cambridge with Chris and I last weekend and I couldn't resist popping his little bow tie on for the occasion. He felt like a proper city hound, catching city buses and coming into pubs and shops with us.

How to style autumn florals

Autumn Florals | Outfit of The Day

Autumn Florals | Outfit of The Day
Dress- Thrifted
Boots- New Look (old)
Bag- Mulberry
Jacket- Tesco
Dog- (models own)

What are you wearing in this in-betweeny weather?

Friday 23 September 2016

Icelandic Adventures

Iceland trip

I don't think I've ever seen landscapes as magical as this in my recent trip to Iceland. Just... Look. At It.

Vogar, Iceland

With six girls, I travelled to an area near Vogar to stay in a lodge for the weekend; equipped with a hot tub, log fire and stocked to the brim with alcohol. Iceland isn't your typical destination for a hen weekend but for our bride to be, it was the perfect place.

Icelandic landscape

One way I can sum up Iceland is by calling it Sunday island. The pinky blue hues of the sky in the mornings and the low lying mist made it feel mystical and a relaxing calm place to be, just like Sundays are supposed to be.

On our first day we headed to see the Geysers which are part of the Golden Circle route. 

Geyser, Iceland

The Strokkur  is the most lively of the hot springs, spouting 100 ft of water into the air every few minutes. I must admit the first time it went off I almost cacked my pants! I wasn't quite prepared for the force and just how high the water shot into the air but my god was it impressive! If you look at the people in the background, you can see how large it was. 

Geysers, Iceland

The other hot springs didn't go off as frequently or didn't spout at all but you can see just how warm they were, warming us as we stood in the chilly rain.

Geysers, Iceland

The weather for September was pretty mild actually, being on average around 12 degrees, so we didn't need to pack any thermals thankfully and when the sun came out it was actually pretty warm! My top tip if you're going to Iceland around this time of year is to pack clothing you can layer as one minute you'll be chilly and the next hot and bothered. Overall it was a lovely temperature for sight seeing and taking in those views. From where we were staying, it took a couple of hours to get to the Geysers so that's all we did on the first day but regardless we had great views on our road trip and we spent the evening in the hot tub!

Geysers, Iceland

On our second day, we surprised the bride to be with a trip to the Blue Lagoon- a gorgeous geothermal spa and probably the most popular attraction in Iceland! Located in a lava field in Grindavik, we'd heard a lot of good things about the spa but you don't realise just how stunning it is until you go or yourself.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

With the water averaging 37 degrees, it's like stepping into a warm milky bath and instantly relaxes you. The water contains minerals which are fabulous for your skin and give the water its milky blue colour. Around the lagoon are staff handing out the famous silica and algae masks for a further treat to your skin. The silica mask is made at the lagoon and forms a layer over the water when the water cools. It's a great cleanser for your skin, making it feel silky smooth after!

Floating around in the lagoon is a heavenly experience and just what we all needed after a long days travel the previous day. All seven of us ladies were all in agreement that we'd have to come back here with our partners as it was also a rather romantic place and would be perfect at sunset.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

A couple of things to note whilst visiting the lagoon are your jewellery and hair. The water may be great for your skin, but your hair will not appreciate it. We were advised to put our hair up during our visit and/or to slather it in conditioner as the water can cause hair to become very brittle. I opted to pop my hair up in a knot and didn't bother with the conditioner and I can safely say my hair was fine. Jewellery is another one that doesn't agree with the high in minerals water. According to the staff, silver jewellery has a tendency to go black in the water so I would advise leaving yours at home so you know it's safe. As for platinum, they were unsure so I risked it and wore my wedding and engagement rings in the water which seemed to be fine thankfully. I'd rather have them on my hand than loose them in the changing room and besides, platinum is pretty damn hardy.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Another recommendation of mine is to book in advance! I'm so pleased we did this as the lagoon was fully booked and they had to turn people away which must have been pretty gutting for those people.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

If the lagoon isn't relaxing enough, there's also steam rooms, a sauna, in-water massages, a waterfall, restaurant and relaxation areas to lounge around. We decided that we'd treat ourselves to a late lunch in the Lava Restaurant which again we booked in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Lava Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Lava Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The restaurant itself is built around the lava rock of the lagoon and has tall windows that frame the view of the lagoon, making for a relaxing atmosphere for lunch or dinner.

Lava Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland 
Lava Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

If the views aren't enough, the food was incredible, being fresh a la carte Icelandic produce. Prepare for the food porn below...

Lava Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Lava Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Lava Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

I will mention here that like everything else in Iceland, the food is expensive, but we were fully prepared for this when we booked our trip. Regardless of the price, the food and drink at the Lava Restaurant was stunning and teamed with the view of the lagoon we felt it was money well spent. Perhaps if we hadn't been staying at a lodge we would have eaten out more but I was pleased to have eaten fish in Iceland. I mean, it'd be a crime not to right!?

Lava Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Feeling suitably stuffed, we decided do one of the walks outside of the lagoon and take in yet more spectacular views of Iceland.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

As it was a hen party, we of course played the usual silly hen games and enjoyed the hot tub at the lodge so that took up our evenings!

If I'm totally honest, Iceland wasn't on my top list of places to visit but I'm SO glad I went. I can't put into words just how breathtaking the baron beautiful landscape is and I will certainly be returning for a longer stay and to see the rest of the wonders. Chris was super jealous that I went so it's a good excuse to take him.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Have you been to Iceland or planning a trip there?

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Wellybix | Dog Treat Review

It's about time Harry made another appearance on the blog and this time he's been reviewing Wellybix dog biscuits!

Wellybix dog treats

You may have read my DIY dog treats post from last year but sometimes it's hard to find time to make your own or be original with flavourings so thankfully Wellybix are here to do the work for us. The biscuits are handmade and free from any nasties such as artficial colours, flavours and enhancers which is reassuring for us pooch owners. They also have a great selection of flavours to choose from so there's plenty of choice for your four legged friends.

The biscuits themselves actually smell amazing! It was tempting to try one myself but I thought I'd leave the tasting to Harry who tried the chicken flavour with fresh thyme, chocolate flavour with carob and strawberries & cream flavour; all of which smell fresh and flavoursome in the packet.

Each bag is cleverly packaged in recyclable brown bags which fasten with a wire insert at the top, ensuring they keep nice and fresh and each flavour has the ingredients written on the back so you know exactly what is in them.

Harry has particularly enjoyed the chicken and fresh thyme biscuits the most, knowing he's in for a treat as soon as the brown bag appears from the cupboard. They work extremely well for getting him to pose for dog photography too! He will happily sit obediently knowing he's in for a tasty treat. Did you know Harry has his own Instagram? His handle is @harrytherescuehound for anyone who wants to follow his adventures.

My personal favourite are the strawberries and cream flavour. It makes a nice change from meat based dog treats and I like to think they're a nice after dinner treat too for my little chap.

After thorough tasting, Harry can safely say that these treats are delicious and we will certainly be ordering more in the future. Harry is keen to try the peanut butter and spelt flour biscuits next. What dog doesn't like peanut butter!?

Has your canine tried Wellybix yet?

Tuesday 6 September 2016

3 Year Wedding Anniversary

I can't believe it has been three years today since Chris and I got married (see our big day here.) Time has literally flown by but here we are.

Last year we went all out and stayed at The Bull Inn at Barton Mills (which you can read all about here), but this year we decided to take a trip to London and experience street food and make a day of it.

It's tradition to buy your other half something leather on your third wedding anniversary and seeing as I've been keeping this up so far I continued the theme this year and decided to get Chris some leather belts as he is forever complaining about his cheap belts. It's practical, traditional and thoughtful. I'm such a good wife haha!

But in true creative style I also made him this little video of our three years of marriage/ four years of being a couple. I'm a soppy soul but secretly he is too and I knew he would appreciate the sentiment.

So happy anniversary darling, this post is for you and may we have many more happy years together.



Friday 2 September 2016

New In from No7

If you’re a super long time reader, you’ll know I swear by No7 colour matching foundation (which you can read about here) and have recommended it to friends, family and anyone that’ll listen, so when No7 sent me their latest products to try out I was crazy excited!

I’ve been testing out these latest No7 recruits and hand on heart I love ALL of them!!

No7 Beautifully Defined Contour Kit

I’ll start with the latest contour and highlighting duo known as the beautifully defined contour kit. I’ve been using the highlighter every day since I got it. It gives a beautiful sheen to the skin that’s glowy without being sparkly on the skin which for me is perfect. There’s nothing worse in summer than seeing big sparkly cheeks in the sunshine! It’s also brilliant for my dark under eyes. Sweep this over after concealer and it really brightens your under eye area. I’ve had lots of comments on my eyes looking really bright and awake and how did I do it! The contour is also dreamy. There are no orange hues which is perfect for anyone with pale skin and gives a naturally defined look when applied. As for the packaging that mirror is the perfect size for on the go and travelling which is a huge plus.

The gel finish nail polishes claim to give "complete coverage in just one stroke" and I can vouch that they actually do. I'm now in a job where nail polish is a no no so I've had to kiss goodbye to my gel manis. Thankfully I can re-kindle that gel finish on a weekend with these beautiful colours which I believe are Ginger and Galaxy and think are perfect shades for the coming autumn. I've always loved No7 polishes but these gel polishes are a great new formulation and perfect for a quick one coat mani when you're in a rush or quite frankly don't have the patience for coats and coats of polish. 

No7 Stay Perfect Gel Eyeliner

Now onto eyeliner… I’ll admit I was a little sceptical about this as I’ve always been a liquid liner lover and used the same brand since I was 14! No7 have done it again though and made another amazing product which I don’t know how I survived without until now. Firstly gel eyeliner is so much easier to apply, being more precise and easy to build on. The new precision eyeliner brush has a silicone tip which helps the gel glide across your lid, making application a breeze. For once in my life my eyeliner is actually “on fleek” and really accentuates my eyes.

The other eyeliner is a liquid liner with a felt tip end (see top photo). Again this makes for easy application and the navy shade is a refreshing change from black. It’s great for a navy smoky eye or to accentuate blue eyes. I can see me wearing this a lot over autumn winter.


Onto lips - No7 Lovely Lips lip balm to be precise. I’ve found my all-time favourite shade of lip product ever known as Coral Blossom. This gorgeous shade looks quite strong from the bullet but when applied it’s a stunning sheer balm that gives a healthy, juicy pop of colour to the lips whilst keeping them moisturised and smooth. It's my go-to lip colour for summer, emphasising a tan and for everyday to pep up a natural make-up look.

I haven't used the shade  Deep Raspberry as much so far as I think this will be a great colour for autumn and winter, especially as it's vampy lip season. Instead of wearing a full on dark red in the day I can tone it down with this shade whilst still embracing the dark lip trend and of course maintaining my lips at the same time.

So that's my round up on what's new in from No7. As I said before I honestly love every single item from the new range and would recommend everyone trying them for yourselves! Not only is No7 affordable, it's good quality too and you really do get your monies worth.

Have you tried anything new in from No7?

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