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Thursday 29 August 2013

Wedding edition: DIY rustic bohemian save the date cards

Hey everyone as promised I have a blog post for you this week and it's one of my wedding editions.. Incase that doesn't give it away I'm engaged and planning a wedding for Chris and I!

I've been looking around for quirky save the date cards but nothing really caught my eye or if it did it was ridiculously expensive (in my opinion anyway!) So I came across this design on Pinterest/another wedding blog and decided to do my own twist on what they had created. I mean why pay stupid money when you can make your own? Chris and I wanted some rustic and rather bohemian so our guests would get the feel of what type of theme we have in mind. We both felt a relaxed bohemian style wedding would best suite our day so went with this idea!

To make these save the dates you will need:

- A guillotine 
- Raffia ribbon
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Pen & pencil
- Artist gummed tape
- A pair of round pliers (or another tool to pierce a small hole)
- A hole punch (I opted for a heart shaped one)
- Twine
- Double sides sticky tape
- A4 brown card
- A4 paper with your template design printed three times 

I hope the list doesn't appear too overwhelming! I managed to pick up the guillotine quite cheaply in a pound store type place. It isn't the most sturdy but it does the job for small amounts of card and paper. I picked up most of my materials from eBay.

Step 1

Take your ruler and mark with a pencil 7cm and 14cm from the edge of the card, lying the card horizontally. Repeat this with your A4 templates.

Next take the paper and cut it at the marks horizontally, using the guillotine.

Step 2

Once cut into thirds, measure the width of one template, marking 7.5cm from the left hand edge and 20cm from the left hand edge. Repeat this process with the same measurements on the card then put through the guillotine, this time using a pair of scissors to score the marks gently so that they fold.

Step 3

Apply three small pieces of double sided sticky tape to the centre section of the card. Line up the centre template with the centre of the card and stick down. If you have problems lining it up (like me lol), take a pair of scissors and trim the edges to neaten up the card and paper to become symmetrical.

Step 4
Once your edges are neat, take your ruler and mark where you'd like your twine to thread through and "tie the knot". Mark with a pencil and then pierce through with pliers or tool of your choice.

Step 5
Take your twine and cut off enough to tie the knot whilst considering that some tension is required for the knot to tighten when opened. Thread the ends through the holes of the card and secure ends with a small knot.

Step 6
Take your hole punch and punch along the gummed tape to create a pattern, then cut off the required amount for the cars. 

Step 7
If you haven't done so already write in your guests names! Then open up the knot as big as possible so that when your guests open the card they get the full effect of the knot tying. Close the card and secure the edge with gummed tape by licking or wetting with a sponge.

Step 8
Next you'll want to turn your card over and right your guests name and address. For this post I haven't bothered as its a dummy card.. Then take your raffia ribbon (I haven't specified a length as its personal preference on bow size and shape!) and cross over to one side on the back before bringing the two ends to the front and making a bow. Note: I double bowed the ones I made to be posted to ensure they don't untie. 

And voila! That is one rustic save the date finished. As you can see I've made quite a few which are all ready to be sent!

I'm really rather proud of these and anybody who knows me well will know I love making things so this will certainly be a rustic DIY wedding! I just think they add a real personal touch for your guests and are great for any bohemian, outdoors, rustic style weddings.

UPDATE 23rd March 2015: I am extremely chuffed that so many of you love this template and I have received increasing requests for the template I created in Word. Due to the number of requests I am happy to continue sharing the template but I am asking for a small fee of £2 to cover my time which can be paid via Paypal. If you would like the Word template I created, please leave a message in the comments below or email me at
I also have templates for the following:
-      Rustic Save the Dates
-      Thank you cards
-      RSVP Cards
Each template is £2 each or to purchase the entire package (including extra images) it’s £6.

Please note: My ‘DIY guide and template’ are for individual, private use and not to be used for distribution or resale. Many thanks

I hope you liked this DIY. Please feel free to ask me any questions below and stay tuned for more wedding DIY :-)

Also check out the video too

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We're tying the knot!! Woo hoo!


Monday 26 August 2013

My month in photographs...

I've never done one of these "week in photos" type posts and not entirely sure what you write but thought I'd do a "month in photographs" due to my lack of posting although I have good reasons why!

Since Secret Garden Party life has been go go go and although I have finished my job I've been frantically trying to tackle the many tasks which come with:

-wedding planning
-moving abroad

I'm moving to Cyprus for three years in three weeks time! I'M SO EXCITED! But with this has come a lot of planning and organising as well as trying to sort the wedding for next July whilst we are still here so hopefully there won't be too much to do when we come back for it next year! As well as this there's packing up my life and buying bits for the house whilst trying to fit in seeing all the loved ones before I fly. I think I'm tackling it all pretty well at the moment but that's my reasons for blogging being on the back burner!

As you can see I'm making bits for the wedding and plan to do some wedding related posts and YouTube videos very soon, hopefully this week! I even tried my hand at baking (although I'm not great) after having a random urge to bake a cake. Lets just say ill never be a domestic goddess when it comes to baking.... Anyway I miss blogging and hope I can get back into the swing of things once life has calmed down a bit.

Hope everyone's had an amazing bank holiday. I've got a rather raspy voice from partying hard! Life is good :-).

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