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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Ralph Lauren Romance Eau De Parfum & Body Moisturiser

Bonjour people. Today I'm reviewing my favourite perfume in the whole wide world- Ralph Lauren Romance. I've never written a review on perfume before so I'm not sure how this'll go down, but here goes nothing...

I've had a major love affair with this perfume for a number of years now. I absolutely love it! I can instantly tell if somebody's wearing it, the scent has stayed with me and to me it's rather unique. The scent is gorgeous, and the only way I can describe it really is it's like..kind of like a sweet musky scent thats quite crisp? And maybe slightly floraly but not in a sickly sweet way?... Oh jesus thats a horrendous description. I'm making it sound like a bad wine! Not my intention... anyway it's bloody lovely, you only need a small amount and it lasts all day which is great. I only tend to wear it for special occasions so I won't use it up too quickly as I'm so fond of it or I'll wear it on a day where I need a bit of a pick me up to make me feel good about myself. I don't know why it does that, I guess the smell makes me feel good because I like it? Lol! Anyway getting back to the review, I got the perfume and body lotion as a gift set for Christmas from my lovely mummy. I've not tried the body lotion before and recently put it on along with the perfume. I wouldn't say the body lotion is all that moisturising but is very perfumed and again lasts all day which is great along side the perfume. You could in fact wear the body lotion on it's own but I prefer to use both together. You get quite a lot of the body lotion too, so it'll last a long time alongside the fragrance. I prefer to use the body lotion and perfume in conjunction for an evening as I feel it's a bit overwhelming for the day and perhaps wouldn't recommend it to people who have sensitive skin as it is very perfumed. I think this scent is great for spring summer and I would highly recommend it to everybody. To me it's a classic perfume and that'll never go out of fashion.

I hope this review wasn't too shite and potentially helpful to some people!


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