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Monday 18 March 2013

1 Year on YouTube Giveaway!

Hello hello ^_^, hope you guys had a lovely weekend. I've been beavering away making YouTube videos, one of them being a giveaway!

I've been making YouTube videos for a year in April. I've looked back through some of my first videos and cringe at how awkward I am and how much I waffle but I love making videos, it's so much fun and become a hobby of mine. Anyway I thought I'd do this giveaway to say thank you to all my lovely subscribers and other people who watch, comment and thumbs up my videos. You've all been lovely!

To see the prizes, watch the video! And the rules are  as follows:

1) Subscribe to my YouTube channel
2) Enter in the comment box the words "Enter Me"
3) Follow me on Twitter- @laydeykatabella

And that's it!

IF YOU ARE UNDER 16, please ask your parents permission before entering as I will need your address to post you your gift!

This giveaway is for the UK ONLY, please do not enter if you are not from the UK. The closing date is SUNDAY 7th April and the winners will be announced SATURDAY 13th April.

Anyway that's all for this Monday, thank god it's over, roll on the weekend I say!


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