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Sunday 3 March 2013

How do you do?

Well this is all rather exciting. My first ever blog post! And I have to admit it's a bit strange for me. I haven't really sat and typed about anything I'm interested in for years. Nowadays it's mainly dull emails and assignment work but I've been wanting to do this for a while. I already have a YouTube channel called laydeykatabella which consists of outfit of the days, a few hauls (although they're not my strong point!) and the like. I love making videos it's just finding the time sometimes to actually do them? I don't have a lot of time in the week and with the winter nights it's no good filming in the dark. I guess I could invest in some light box thingys though, hmm...And my weekends tend to be very jam packed! But hey ho! 

Anyway I should probably introduce myself! I'm Kat, I'm 24 and I currently live in Cambridgeshire and I love fashion (like most girls eh) but as well as that I love making things. I'm a keen beginner at knitting and I do love a good cup of tea, a granny in the making I know! I plan to blog about fashion trends I like, purchases and style which I'll most likely link with my youtube videos. I also want to blog about crafting; knitting projects I'm doing, other bits and pieces I've made like jewellery and candles etc and for the short term my braces! I currently have upper and lower fixed braces or train tracks as most people know them as and yeah, maybe someone out there will be interested to know? Who knows, we'll find out. But in the meantime, hello :-).

Aaaaand that's me!

Kat xxx

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