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Tuesday 31 July 2018

My Top Three Podcast Picks- Summer 18

The rise of podcasts in the last few years has certainly got my attention so I thought I'd share with you my favourites so you can hopefully discover and be introduced to some gems of your own!

Radio 2's Confessions Podcast

Find it here

My younger self would be HORRIFIED to know that I'm now partial to a spot of Radio 2 and in particular, Simon & Jo's show segment on confessions. It literally has me in stitches so when I discovered there's a podcast dedicated solely to it, I was all ears!

If you haven't heard the Radio 2 confessions, it consists of people emailing in their embarrassing and hilarious confessions from years gone in the hope that they can seek forgiveness from the Parish of Radio 2, Simon Mayo being known as Father Simon and Jo as... (well I can't remember but that's irrelevant.)

From farts to fibs and so much more that are mortifying but magnificent all the same- this podcast will make you crease up, cry and cringe all at once and I guarantee it'll put a huge grin on your face. I listen to it on days when I need a good giggle to cheer me up or just in general when I want some hilarity. I recommend it to anyone and everyone that will listen!

The Wonderland Murders by Wondery

Find it here

After my friend and fellow Prosecco Sessions co-host Laura introduced me to the podcast "Dirty John" , it opened my eyes to a whole new world of podcast genre; in the form of story telling. Similar to audio books, I'm down for some crime episodes  that are based on real life cold cases which makes them all the more chilling to listen to.

The Wonderland Murders are all about four brutal murders, a dodgy night club owner and a down and out porn star. It's set in the 80s and from the first episode I was hooked- so much so I binged the entire thing in two days. If you like reading but don't have time to sit with a crime book thriller or perhaps just want something to listen to whilst you multi task then this podcast is for you. It's gripping, chilling and really addictive! The fact that the case has also never been solved sent a shiver down my spine on several occasions whilst I was listening.


Find it here

If I remember rightly, I discovered this podcast in Apple podcasts under where it says something like "other podcasts you may be interested in." I'm SO glad I clicked on it because it's a brilliant podcast hosted by Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell. They talk about what makes us wobble; both physically and mentally, how we view ourselves and discovering what it is that actually makes us wobble. It's such a reassuring podcast and refreshing too; knowing that there are other people out there who have their moments with mental health and their body confidence. For each episode the duo have special guests on who have inspired them and/or have words of wisdom when it comes to happiness and  they share their own experiences. It all relates back to the fact that it is okay not to be okay and I love it. A particular episode they really resonates with me is Episode 3 with Lauren Mahon where they discussed her experience with being diagnosed with breast cancer and she feels about her body now going forward as well as her incredible campaign Girl VS Cancer. The episode really opened my eyes to what is really important in life and the bigger picture; putting everything into perspective which was so inspiring. If you only listen to one episode from this podcast make it that one as I promise you, you'll come away feeling completely uplifted and if you're like me- slightly mind blown!

So those are my current three favourite podcasts to listen to right now. I've linked to each of them under each of the imagery but if you're using Apple podcasts they're very easy to find in the search feature.

My favourites change depending on my mood and also from what I discover so keep your eyes peeled for another post in the following few months for Autumn and see what I'm loving then!

Before I sign off, I have to of course mention now that I also have a podcast of my own called The Prosecco Sessions! I couldn't NOT mention it but I felt a bit biased putting it in as a favourite. So if you love chatting over a glass of fizz or two this one could be for you! There's more on how it was formed in this post and the link to it on Soundcloud is this.

What podcasts are you enjoying? I love to discover new ones, especially when they're recommended!

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