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Sunday 12 August 2018

The Prosecco Sessions Episode 3: Mindfulness and Wellbeing with Lizzie Benton

I've been getting into the idea of mindfulness of late as well as trying my best to look after my general well being and my mind. I find that in this day and age we're being surrounded by technology and sometimes that can be overwhelming; plus we are generally taught to look after our bodies but there is less emphasis to talk about our mental health.

My good friend and blogger Lizzie from Lizaboo came to chat to me on the topic of mindfulness and well being and shared some of her tips and tricks on how to check in with your mind as well as sharing her own experiences and we swapped stories over a glass of fizz or two!

I hope this video is as helpful to you guys as it has been to me. Ironically on the day we filmed it I was having one of the worst mental health days I've had in some time- something which I'm hoping  to discuss and share on my channel in the future. Despite my shitty day, talking openly about this topic made me feel so much better so hopefully it will help others and spread the message that we need to discuss our mental health and practice mindfulness a lot more.

Click below to watch the video and I'll be back soon! 

Before I go I want to also say a massive THANK YOU to Lizzie for getting involved with the Prosecco Sessions. Her blog is all about mindfulness and well being and I encourage everyone to have a read!

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