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Wednesday 6 September 2017

Happy Anniversary with Hotel Chocolat*

Today celebrates Chris and I's 4th wedding anniversary and in all honesty I don't know where the time has gone!

Hotel Chocolat review

As Chris is away in sunny Las Vegas (the swine), we decided to celebrate a little bit earlier with a Hamper for Two from Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat anniversary gift

The box arrived looking beautifully wrapped in ribbon in a gorgeous keepsake box and we were both pretty eager to see what was inside.

Hotel Chocolat anniversary gift with She's A Gentry

It has to be said this hamper was pretty perfect for the both of us; containing:

-20cl bottle of Sparkling Pink Rosé
-Small-batch Cocoa Beer
-Dark Chocolate Beer Truffles Selector
-Oysters & Champagne Chocolate Truffles
-The Chocolate Nano Slab Gallery

There was even a book on the meaning of chocolate which contains excellent quotes and justification as to why we all deserve some chocolate, (not that we needed much persuading!)

Hotel Chocolat Hamper for Two

This hamper suits both of Chris and I's tastes, having award winning English brewed beer and sparkling rose for yours truly- both being a match made in heaven for the luxury Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat Hamper for Two

Hotel Chocolat searched long & hard to find a bubbly that could accompany their signature chocolate. Sourced from Venice, this fruity, violet fragrance is balanced with delicate and pleasant aromatic notes of almond.

Hotel Chocolat Hamper for Two

The Cocoa beer is small-batched and brewed with traditional Fuggles hops. The flavour of the cocoa creates a savoury bitterness with notes of tobacco, cocoa and coffee. It's best served chilled and with of course the dark chocolate beer truffles.

Hotel Chocolat Hamper for Two review

We try to be romantic, we really do but it usually ends up with laughing and as you can see below- chocolate shoved into my gob by Chris!

Date night with Hotel Chocolat

This hamper was such a lovely treat and a nice way to enjoy one another's company with some luxury in the comfort of our own home. If you're stuck for an anniversary gift, birthday or any occasion that warrants some fuss- Hotel Chocolat have a fabulous variety of hampers and gifts all at varying price points; making them affordable for everyone.

To finish off our anniversary date, a photo was in order and as I'm a soppy soul, I wanted to create this particular photo. It's one I've been wanting to do with Chris for some time!

She's A Gentry

Yup- I'm a soppy bastard but I also think it's pretty cool and a nice memory too. Pretty sure everyone on our Facebook is vomming though...

So that rounds up our fourth wedding anniversary! What do you do to celebrate?

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