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Tuesday 22 September 2015

Craft Room Tour

I've been waiting ages to share this room with you. I love spending time blogging, filming and crafting in here as well as using it to put up friends and family when it converts into a guest room. I hope you like it!

thrifty craft room

Back in January I moved into my new house and had the mammoth task of trying to organise a chaotic craft room! If you're a neat freak like me, you'll want everything to have its place and also to look pretty. I'd been scouring Pinterest and made my "Craft Room /Guest Room Inspiration" board to give me some ideas on what to do with the room.

As you can see from the photographs below, my craft room started off a very depressing life of mishmash and mess! 

The desk was made up of an old Ikea shelf and a computer desk but then I had a brain wave and this happened...

bllue and cream craft room

With a lick of paint and some imagination, I transformed my old Ikea shelf and computer desk in to a cream work bench and even painted a second spare Ikea shelf and bought another matching Argos computer desk for a small amount of £18. I'd been searching far and wide for the perfect desk but couldn't find exactly what I wanted and also found that nice desks were damn expensive!

upcycled desk

Overall I'm really pleased with my up-cycled work desk and because it was so inexpensive to create, I don't worry about scuffing or chipping it. At the end of the day I'm using it to create and craft on so I expect it to go through the wars, plus the chalk paint I used gives it a shabby chic effect!

blue and cream thrifty craft room

shabby chic craft room

When it came to the finishing touches I again tried to be thrifty about it, making bits myself like the "create & craft" bunting, the dream catcher and the notice board. The little pots and trinkets were picked up in charity shops and things like the bunting and cross stitch on my craft shelf and pillow on my desk chair were made by wonderful people I know and really add a lovely crafty touch. 

blue and cream craft room

blue and cream craft room

As well as being a craft room, this room also doubles up as a guest room when people come to visit. I was even thrifty with this as I picked up the wooden part of the futon from a charity shop for £40. An absolute steal that is very sturdy and teamed with a new matress and pillows makes for a comfy bed or sofa to read on.

And tucked away in the corner is teddy- my first ever teddy bear and a vintage suitcase packed full of craft materials and treasure! On top I have some wallpaper samples which are great for creating different backgrounds for photographs.

So that is my craft room! All in all I'm pretty chuffed with it and really enjoy spending time in here being creative. I also love that most things are up-cycled or second hand which just goes to show that you don't need a big budget to create a nice space.

Check out the tour of the craft room in my video below to get more of a view of the room:

Do you have a craft room or office?


  1. It's so beautiful - I'm so jealous! My spare room has been filled by our new arrival so I am craft-homeless :) Not that I'd swap him! <3

    1. Aww thank you VB! I'm sure new arrival is wayyyy more exciting than a craft room! xx


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