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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Autumn Favourites

It's that time of year again where the nights are drawing in, the blankets are out and the hot chocolate is back in demand (along with mulled wine but sssh), so it's only natural for your favourite products and clothing etc to switch up too. Gone are the lighter layers of make-up and clothing and back are moisture surging and welcoming warm layers along with some general random things too. Hello autumn favourites!

The tartan scarf

I know tartan may not be "in" this year but I still love this oversized scarf. Found at a lovely Christmas market last year, this scarf doubles up as a pashmina/ kimono style cover up too which has been great when the weather has been less chilly. All in all it's the perfect piece for comfort and to me it screams autumn winter.

The pearl and silver bracelet*

I recently went to The Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace (which you can read about here) and picked up this gorgeous sterling silver bracelet from Victorious Bee. It features a single semi-precious stone, celebrating a month from the year. Now if you know your birth stones you'll know that Pearl is the stone for June! My birthday is in fact in December but I chose it purely because it was pretty, simple and elegant. I've been wearing it non-stop as a piece of dainty loveliness.

The Silver Backpack

I've been loving this metallic back pack from New Look A LOT over the past few weeks. I featured it in my latest outfit post and my "Updated What's in my Bag?" video. It's so handy yet stylish at the same time, although Chris thinks I look like Dora the explorer in it. Men don't always get it do they? Anyhow it's been bloody marvellous to take with me on various adventures and to events, giving me free hands to hold a cocktail or point and shoot with my camera. I'd highly recommend a back pack like this being introduced to your wardrobe for style and practically and New Look do some fabulous ones.

Game of Thrones

Yes I know I'm extremely late on this band wagon but I'm not sure I even care. #sorrynotsorry 
If you haven't got your teeth into GoT you really should, it's bloody brilliant. I've just finished season 3 and I'm hooked. I've had a few friends say they've heard it's gory and it's put them off. Yes it has a bit of gore in it but as a major wimp over here, it's not that bad- honest! Dragons and things don't usually interest me but this has got me hooked!!

The Illume Zucchini bread candle

I've had this candle for almost a year now. It's lovely geo print is a firm fixture within the bedroom but I've been yearning to burn it and I finally cracked! The scent of zucchini bread is a bit of a strange one but rather refreshing, particularly in the kitchen and makes a change from a florally perfumed scent. It's burning really well too and the scent lingers even when the candle isn't lit which to me is a sign of a good candle! You can't beat the flicker of a candle flame on a cosy night when wrapped under blankets. It''s the perfect accompaniment for a relaxing night in (that and wine!)

Balance Active Formula Hyaluronic Moisturiser*

I've stepped a bit out of my comfort zone this season and tried a different moisturiser! Being a worshipper of the Body Shop's seaweed mattifying moisturiser this was a big thing for me but I was pleasantly surprised. Used as both a day and night moisturiser, the balance active formula is a lovely thin gel-cream consistency that sinks in easily to the skin, leaving a matte finish which is perfect for my oily complexion. It claims to be clinically proven to:
  • Even skin tone
  • Improve skin radiance
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Give a firmer appearance
  • Smoothe uneven skin texture
I must admit I've noticed some of the redness in my skin die down a bit, meaning I haven't needed to use so much foundation or concealer which makes me a very happy lady!

The Rimmel Kate Moss 107

I don't think there's been an autumn favourites where I haven't mentioned this lipstick but time and time again it is the perfect shade for a autumn berry lip. I love wearing it with a touch of lip balm in the day for a more subtle look or building up to it's full intensity for a dramatic evening look. It's so wearable and makes for a great statement lip. Love!

The duster jacket

I'll be honest and tell you that when I first bought this I struggled to style it but after a light bulb moment  realised just how versatile it is! Duster jackets are perfect for transitioning seasons to layer up whilst giving a chic look. I've been loving this with long sleeved tunics and dresses to add a bit of structure to an outfit andI can see it being worn with faux fur trim and fitted knitwear as the months grow colder. 

So those are my current autumn favourites, which I'm sure will change in a matter of days as I'm due to go do a Primark shop- yippee! What are your current favourites this autumn?

Products marked with a * in this post have been gifted. This is not a sponsored post.

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