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Tuesday 9 June 2015

Sun Goddess Self Tanner Review & Giveaway!

Now that summer is truly here I look at my pasty self and long for a sun kissed golden tan. When living in the UK there is no guarantee of sunshine and heat so self tanner is your best friend. After living in Cyprus I miss my lovely golden tan and wanted a quick fix. 

When Sun Goddess approached me to review their self tanner, I jumped at the chance. I've seen lots of good reviews on YouTube and any excuse to bronze up and I'm there!

They sent me an 8 oz. bottle of the self tanner along with sachets which are great for topping up areas or to take with you on the go. The mitt and gloves are great for application and to banish any orange hand syndrome and a t-shirt which I found perfect to use as my tanning t-shirt. When the t-shirt is on- I'm tanning.

Now onto the fun part- the before and after photos!

As you can see I was a pasty lady before hand and not looking particularly summer ready but after just one application of Sun Goddess self tanner, I looked like...
This! Say hello to my natural looking bronzed self.

So, my verdict... There are a lot of great things about this self tanner, the first one being it smelt really nice when applying it. I was pleasantly surprised at this as most self tanners have that distinct smell as soon as it leaves the bottle but this smelt lovely, however as time went on and it developed the smell began to arise. It didn't really bother me though as I'd been expecting it in the first place. Applying it with the mitt was great too, leaving a lovely even coverage all over and saving my hands from tell tale tanned palms. The formula had lovely little glitter particles in unlike any other tanner, leaving you lovely and shimmery after application and I also found that it dried really quickly which is what you want from a self tanner. No one wants to be awkwardly standing in the nuddy pants waiting for the stuff to dry- who has time for that? The only thing I found slightly bizarre was how dark it came out of the bottle. In the past I've only really used cheap self tanners of a white creamy consistency but this was seriously dark, giving you an instant tan but I felt it looked a bit muddy on me! Don't panic though, this washes off as soon as you shower, revealing a lovely bronzed tan which I am seriously impressed with! 

As I said before I had a mega tan living abroad last year and this is pretty much the same as my tan in Cyprus (see here and here at how brown I was and how similar this fake tan is) so I am super happy! 

If you want to see more of before and after application, why not watch the video too:

Sun Goddess have very kindly created a 10% discount code for you all use if you'd like to purchase their self tanner. Just type: LaydeyKatabella in out the checkout.

I'm also running a giveaway to win a free bottle of the self tanner. To enter click below: 

Have you used self tanner before? 

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  1. Fabulous prize - i'd love to win ^.^ good luck everyone <3



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