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Friday 5 June 2015

Guest Post: Top 3 High End Foundations

Hello lovelies. Todays post is brought to you by the gorgeous Olivia from Crave More Beauty. I hope you enjoy!
Most mornings seem to be the same for me; alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze crawl out of bed, shower, skincare, coffee.
Once pumped with caffeine, I usually crack on with my makeup which is where the first tricky question of the day arises: what foundation shall I wear today? 

My base is the most important part of my makeup - dull tired skin can be perked up with a glowy finish and good skin days can be highlighted with a sheer natural look to set me off the day. So it's only right that there's a good selection on offer, and I've picked out my top three high end foundations to help with any skin scenario you're faced with.

The go-to foundationNars Sheer Glow. If you've stayed up that tad too late watching Netflix/reading your favourite blogs then this is the one to reach for. There's a good reason that this is used in 99% of YouTube tutorials (probably best not to take that as an official statistic), but I'm reaching the end of my third Sheer Glow and I'm still in love. It's the perfect balance between matte and glowy. It doesn't give you that unrealistic 'I woke up like this' glow, but adds some life and radiance into your skin. Sheer Glow rave over.

The night-out foundationCharlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation You only need to scroll through my blog for 0.3 seconds to learn that I'm a Tilbury kinda gal', so I couldn't go without trying her foundation - even if it is the least used one out of the bunch; I don't know if it's because I have more dull skin days than good ones or if it's that it takes a while for me to blend this into my skin, but when it works, it's a thick creamy consistency which could be a little too much for the oily skin girls out there, but the boost of glow it gives you is unquestionable. Fabulous for special occasions.

The good skin day foundationDior Star. I've mentioned this is my March Favourites and I'm happy to announce I'm still enjoying it as much. A pump or two of this blended into the skin leaves a beautiful and flawless finish; the most matte of them all. I particularly love this one for when I'm sporting a red lip.

If I had to pick one? Sheer Glow. Duh!

Foundation/BB Creams/Tinted Moisturers play such a huge part of our makeup regimes, but it is important to start with your skin. Making sure you're staying hydrated and looking after it the best you can will ensure that any base will sit on your skin better. 

Do you stay loyal to one foundation or dabble day in day out? I'll be flicking back to Kat's blog to read your comments, so leave all recommendations in the comments. Feel free to pop over to my blog Crave More Beauty to have a read of all my other (not so lengthy) posts. 

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