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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Guest Post: Claireabellemakes Boho Hand Chain

Hello you wonderful lot. Today I have a very exciting guest post for you from the lovely Claire of Claireabellemakes! I met Claire at the #cambmeetup and fell in love with her blog DIYs and handmade beauties in her Etsy store. Todays post is a crafty DIY post so I hope you enjoy! xx

diy boho hand chain

Hello! I'm super excited to be here on Kat's blog today to share a jewellery DIY. Kat's fashion posts are some of my favourites, so I hope this one fits nicely with her summer looks and gives you a chance to try some simple techniques.

diy boho hand chain

Here's what you will need (all available from Craft stores, Etsy and Amazon):
·         Jewellery chain
·         Jump rings
·         Chain cutters
·         Jewellery pliers
·         Small pearl beads
·         Flower connector bead
·         Lobster clasp
·         Eye pins

For this DIY you will need to be familiar with two simple jewellery making techniques: opening and closing jump rings and making a loop. Jump rings are use to attach one component to another and are vital to jewellery making! I would recommend spending a few moments practising each of these before beginning.

If any of these instructions aren't clear, feel free to tweet me or drop me an email!

Step 1
Cut a piece of jewellery chain which just measures around your wrist. Fold this piece of chain in half and attach a jump ring at the half way point.

diy boho hand chain

Step 2
On the free ends of the chain, attach a jump ring to one end and a jump ring plus lobster clasp to the other end. This forms the bracelet part of your hand chain.

diy boho hand chain

Steps 3 & 4
Thread a small pearl bead onto the eye pin and make a loop with the straight end. Repeat this with two more beads so you have 3 in total.

diy boho hand chain

Step 5
Now you are going to begin to make the decorative part of the hand chain and connect the components together. In between each component you will use jump rings to connect them. Your flower connector bead should have holes on each side where you can add a jump ring and then attach to the pearl bead sections.

diy boho hand chain

Step 6
Repeat step 5 so your decorative section has two flower connectors with pearl bead sections either side and in between. Cut a piece of chain long enough to wrap around your middle finger and over your middle knuckle.

diy boho hand chain

Step 7
Attach the finger chain to the decorative section with a jump ring. This completes the hand chain!

diy boho hand chain

To wear, first place the finger chain on and then close the bracelet part around your wrist using the clasp.

diy boho hand chain

 I absolutely adore this boho hand chain Claire has created. It's perfect for summer and upcoming festivals! Thank you Claire for guest posting and I hope you all enjoyed her tutorial! For more craft posts and to check out Claire's handmade gifts click the links below:

Will you be making a boho hand chain?

See you again on Friday!

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