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Tuesday 6 January 2015

Blog and Youtube Resolutions

I do this every year and most of the time I don’t stick to them, but hey, let’s be optimistic and go for it! (again!) I’ve decided this year though to do blogging/ youtue resolutions. Here we go…

This years resolutions are:

·         Continue to regularly upload blog posts and videos. I got really good at this around June time last year. I got a routine and miraculously stuck with it, so I’m hoping to continue in this fashion. I upload blog posts on Tuesdays and Fridays with a video accompanying one of the posts.
·         Vlog more. Chris and I have our own vlog channel which we predominantly started for living abroad so friends and family could keep up to date with us, but we both want to carry on and improve. I got hooked to the Michalak’s weekly blogs last year and subsequently Chris did too and we’re kind of in awe of their videos (and Chris of Stefan’s beard- beard envy!) so were hoping to create our own journey and stories equipped with my new vlogging camera!
·         Create more crafty posts. Last year was predominantly wedding based craft posts and videos, with my DIY Rustic Bohemian Wedding Invites being extremely popular, so much so it’s my most popular youtube video to date! I’d like to do beauty crafts, pet crafts and home crafts this year. Watch this space…
·         Get better on camera. If you watch my videos from way back in 2012 when I first started I was a a nervous wreck on camera. It makes me physically cringe to watch but also shows me how much better I’ve gotten talking to a camera. It’s a weird concept which I slowly got used to but there’s always room for improvement!
·         Get to know the community. I’m so shy when it comes to speaking to other bloggers and youtubers! I met some lovely ladies last year who have been amazing to chat to and I’m so grateful for that, I just always feel a bit self- conscious and a novice talking to experienced bloggers, eek!
So those are my resolutions blogging youtube wise. In my own personal life it’s the bog standard ones like “loose weight” which I’ll most likely give up on come March and “be less shy” but the most important thing I think everyone can do in the new year or anytime is embrace who you are. You are you, not anybody else so be happy in your own self and your skin. You only get one life!

Aaand before we get too deep I shall sign off.

Toodle pip!

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