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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Secret Garden Party 2013 outfits

Hey guys. I've been a bit slow with the posts this last week, well.. Non existent really but that's because I've been at Secret Garden Party!

If you're not aware of Secret Garden Party it's a festival in Cambridgeshire, held on really beautiful grounds with two lakes, woods and lots of space to party. They have a theme each year to the festival, this years being "superstition" and they encourage gardeners to participate in the theme with fancy dress. This year I didn't dress up but I have done the past four years! I love this festival due to it not just being about music. There's so much more going on, so much to do! From poetry to dance offs, village hall antics to naked trampolining and that's not even scratching the surface! This enchanted place is full of energy all hours for four days, the best four day party!

There's also a lot of art installations at Secret Garden Party which are amazing to view or even venture onto, such as this one. 

This was the lake stage for this year in the style of a ship being attacked by an octopus. They change the lake stage every year. There have been a giant dragonfly, pirate ship and many others which can all be accessed via boats to party on until Saturday night... On Saturday night they burn the lake stage and set of fire works and Chinese lanterns in celebration. It's a fantastic sight to see! 

This is a new instalment for this year and is around the man made lake which people swim in and diving competitions take place. It looks so magical at night when it's lit up! There are many more art installations, different each year..


Now seeing as this is my fashion blog I best insert some fashion outfits! This is what I call my festival fashion. I must apologise for the photos not being amazing but I didn't take them intentionally for the blog. I was too busy partying lol!

 Dress/jacket- Miss selfridge
Slip- H&M
Boots- New Look
Bag- vintage
Crown- home made (see my blog post!)

As you may have noticed I've already featured this look in an OOTD but I love it soooo much. The only difference is I swapped my Chelsea boots for military ones due to mud!

Dress- H&M
Face art- face lace

 This was such a simple but effective festival look which took barely any effort! The maxi dress (apologise for no full shots) was thin satin like material which was great in the heat. The face lace was the only effort which took no time at all ad lasted all day! Once that was donned I kept my make up pretty simple as the face lace needed to be the focal point. I felt like a little fairy nymph in this outfit lol. As the night came I changed into something a fraction warmer and went for this look.

Dress- All saints
Turban- eBay
Face art- face lace

Please excuse that I was a bit worse for wear! The dress was quite sheer so I popped a black body con underneath and paired the look again with military boots. I've been lusting after a turban for ages! I'd also been trying to find a nice brooch for it but ran out of time which is a shame as it would have really set it off!

Dress- H&M
Braelets- old festival wristbands
Face art- face lace
Hair rings- regal rose

It got bloody boiling over the weekend so I took to throwing on this leopard sun dress and some face lace to make it more exciting and festival like. Hair became rather annoying too so I plaited it and manipulated it to look large and more relaxed before placing hair rings in it for a more bohemian feel.

In the evening I change into this...
Too- miss selfridge
Skirt- topshop
Hair rings- regal rosé
Boots- new look
Face art- face lace

I love sequinned, embellished tops. They lend themselves so well to the festive period and festivals! Sequins at a festival are definitely a yes!

Top- matalan
Shorts- new look
Corsage- H&M
Bracelets- home made
Crown- home made (see blog post on how to!)
Rosary beads- topshop
Hair rings- regal rose
Face glitter- Barry M

 I loved this look, probably my favourite! The floral crown knitted well with the big plait as well as the cosmic colours from my top! I call it my floral cosmic look! 

So that's all my many outfits from the festival. I'm still recovering now, soooo run down but it was worth it! If any other gardeners are reading this and have done outfit posts too, please link me to them if love to see what you wore!!

Hope you're all having a mega summer!


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