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Friday 5 July 2013

Undressed Palette vs Naked Palette & other MUA products

Hey dolls,

I've found the best dupe everrrrrrr. Oh my god I have lusted over the urban decay naked palette for so long but never actually bought it due to the price tag! On my opinion you don't really get a lot for your money. The eye shadows themselves aren't very big and I could see me using up my favourite colours very quickly. Fortunately I've found a dupe that not only is practically identical, it's only £4! I'm talking about the MUA undressed palette. I picked it up online and fell in love when I received it.

 I'm pretty sure you get more product than you do with the naked palette and I've compared it to the naked palette from swatches of each below:

Urban Decay Naked palette

MUA Undressed palette

They are practically identical! Why pay more when you can have the same for cheaper? 

After using the MUA palette I can definitely recommend it. The shades are lovely and pigmented, you don't get fall out when applying them and they last all day. I'm so pleased I came across this palette!  

I also picked up this trio eyeshadow set from MUA which I've purchased before. Again the shadows are very pigmented and easy to apply. It's a great colour combination for spring summer and always makes me look healthy. Again it's incredibly cheap, you can't really go wrong with MUA! 

I also picked up this concealer pen but I'm not so sure on it... It says the shade is light but I found it to be quite yellow toned and makes me look a bit ill! I'm not sure i like the consistency either as its a bit like mousse and doesn't glide on as well as other concealer pens or used before. 

Anyway just a quick post from me! I hope you all have a great weekend in the sunshine. Let me know if your tried any of these products or recommend any!


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