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Monday 26 February 2018

Getting glam and #FOREVERAGAINSTANIMALTESTING with The Body Shop

Last week I was invited to The Body Shop in Queensgate, Peterborough for a make-up consultation and to show my support on banning animal testing in cosmetics. Of course I was up for both of these things and headed into store on one of the late night shopping nights- SO handy when you work full time!!


The Body Shop are running an extremely important campaign to ban animal testing. Back in 2013 the collective efforts of The Body Shop and their partner Cruelty Free International led to a European ban but unfortunately there is still a shocking 80% of countries that allow animal testing. The practice of animal testing needs to be banished everywhere and by signing the petition you can help make that happen. You can do so online (click here) or in store.

The Body Shop are so committed to the cause, having never tested any of their ingredients or products on animals and they never will, which is one of the reasons I am such a huge fan of them and have been for many years.

If you’re a long time reader of the blog or subscriber to my YouTube channel you’ll already know how much I love their products. I opted for a make-up consultation whilst in store over a skincare or body consultation as its something different to what I’d usually choose.  I already use a lot of their skincare products and wanted to explore their makeup range. The lovely Michelle was my consultant and she listened to all my make-up needs and concerns such as the fact my face is oily AF and I need powder in my life if I want my face to stay on. She instantly put me at ease and was so easy to talk to and have fun with.

We tried out the Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation first as I thought it would work best for my skin, but surprisingly I wasn’t a fan of the coverage; being a bit too heavy for me personally but if you love a matte full face then boy... that stuff is FULL COVERAGE. I was getting serious Nikkie Tutorials vibes from it. Slightly subtler me ended up going with the Fresh Nude Foundation which was a beautiful medium coverage and felt really light on the skin. For my eye make-up I told Michelle that I prefer natural tones and the same for my lips but by the end of the session she had convinced me to be brave so I said sod it- lets go for a bold lip.

She's A Gentry

When I had the final reveal I was SO chuffed and could not stop smiling! (It was verging on embarrassing how much I was smiling and staring at myself in the mirror- HA!)
The lip colour reminded me so much of MAC’s Ruby Woo and really set off the rest of the makeup. I was really glad I took Michelle’s advice by choosing a bold colour and I instantly looked refreshed after a long days work. I was also conveniently ready to head to the pub after too- hurrah! The main feature I couldn’t stop staring at was my brows. It’s amazing to see how other people do your makeup and their little twists on it can make you look so different. I had Michelle do a quick brow demo on herself after so that hopefully I can now perfect her brow game on myself.

Photo of She's A Gentry at The Body Shop

One of the fab things about all the consulations at The Body Shop is that they’re FREE, making it the perfect opportunity to try out the products you’re curious about. All the products I tried during my makeup consultation were available for me to take home and try as samples so I can see how I get on with them at home. I also took away the some of the new body and skincare samples to try before I buy which is available for everyone that wants to sample a product.

The Body Shop make-up consultation

Feeling suitably glam, I then had a little peruse around and picked up two of my Holy Grail products which I’ve written about before on here before. And naturally I had to treat myself to one of the Body Butters which I then realised I could personalise- again for free!! 

 As I’d been into store to learn specifically about the campaign for cruelty free, I had to go with the bunny sticker but there are loads of designs you can choose and would make for a lovely gift too *cough* MOTHERS DAY *cough*

I came away from my getting glam session with a huge grin on my face and a bag full of goodies, feeling very very happy. If you do one thing this week, please make sure you sign the #FOREVERAGAINSTANIMALTESTING petition and if you’re near a Body Shop, go in and have an explore!

Also thank you to the wonderful ladies at The Body Shop in Queensgate for having me- you were the best – especially for taking all my posey photos ;-).

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