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Saturday 13 January 2018

DIY diaries- The Living Room

I've been itching to do some DIY and craft posts of late and as some of you may know I bought a house early last year which makes for the perfect opportunity to make and upcycle.

The first room we've decided to tackle is the living room. This space is at the heart of our home where we relax, entertain and just generally enjoy having some down time.



As you can see the room is quite a big space and our tatty old sofas (god rest their soul) looked small and silly in the room. Teamed with our second hand furniture, the colour scheme really didn't go with the grey walled room. Our inspiration for this project came from Pinterest (obviously), in the form of this image.

Conveniently for us, the living room had been painted not too long ago and we loved the colour the previous owners had chosen which made decorating a breeze. All we needed to do was dress the room and add some touches to make it our own.

grey living room interiors

The main feature for us was going to be sofas. We love big roomy ones with plenty of space to stretch out and this suite from Furniture Village spoke to us. They were actually the first sofas we came across and instantly fell in love. After looking at some other options we soon went back and ordered them the next day. The puff (poof? You know what I mean) is handy for when we have lots of people over at one time and helps to fill the space but is also nice to extend the three seater out for some extra room on a duvet day.
grey living room interiors

The L shape corner sofa is ideal for both Chris and I to sprawl out comfortably and still be near one another.

grey living room interiors

Looking at our shabby second hand furniture, my immediate thought was to chuck it out and start a fresh however looking at what was available and our budget, we soon decided that revamping it was a much better choice for us. There was nothing seemingly wrong with it so we replaced the door knobs with these metallic cracked glass ones, stained the wood work and spray painted the legs and body of each piece. A lick of paint and some new knobs have given it the lease of life it needed and came in at just under £50- result!

Keeping with the grey and white theme, we had to do something with the fire surround. After a bit of tinkering we figured out how to unscrew the wooden fascia and set about re-vamping it. Initially we had thought about leaving the fascia off but then the plug was exposed and the fireplace stuck out awkwardly from the wall. The "wooden" fascia turned out to be MDF so staining it wasn't an option hence the spray paint but were pleased with the effect and how it ties in nicely with the room. To finish off the spray paint extravaganza, the log basket got a good coat too, ensuring it matched in with everything.

grey living room interiors

The finishing touches were the throws, curtains, candles and other bits and pieces around the room. The throws were an absolute steal from Primark as were some of the candles. Considering they were so reasonable I personally think they look a lot higher end than they actually are and the throws themselves are incredibly soft and smooshy (yes that's a word.)

Sofas- Furniture Village
Coffee table and TV stand- second hand and upcycled
Clock- The Range
Silver Lantern- The Range
Coasters- Next
Tartlet burner- Yankee Candle
Lamp (on TV stand)- The Range
Glass lamp- IKEA
Throws- Primark
Candles- Primark, Elemis, Yankee Candle

All in all both Chris and I are very pleased with the final result. We're still tinkering here and there and adding some extra pieces like art work but this room is basically done and is a perfect haven for us. Can you tell we like grey too!?

I can't wait to share the next room with you in my DIY diaries series which will be the dining room! It's almost finished and soon we will be cracking on with the master bedroom. What interiors are you loving at the moment? I'd love to know!

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