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Monday 2 January 2017

Goodbye Laydey Katabella and Happy New Year

Happy New Yeeeeear!! I hope you had the best time getting fat on cheese and wine this Christmas to wash it down with a side of cheese and wine on New Years Eve. Who's with me!? Hands up if you're going to be living in leggings for a good three weeks? There is ZERO thigh gap going on for me as you can see in the above photo. Even Harry is like wtf?

Anyway... It's rather over due that I address the fact that I have retired the name Laydey Katabella from the bloggersphere. Why? Well quite frankly it had begun to make me cringe. It reminded me of Lady Soverign and chavvy chavvy nastiness and after having it as a nickname for around 16 years (fuck) I just felt it didn't really fit with who I am now at 28 years of age. After many months of pondering on my commute home what to re-name myself as I decided on "She's A Gentry" to many people's surprise/shock/potential disappointment... A lot of friends were like "ohhh but we know you as Laydey Katabella, we like that!" Well I didn't and the new name has sentimental value too...

My maiden name was Gentry and I honestly thought I had the coolest last name ever in existence. When I got married I'd toyed with double barrelling my surname but it was such a mouthful it wasn't worth it. People struggle enough with Rayment as it is, calling me Mrs Raymond (!) Anyhow, I thought Gentry would be pretty perfect for a blog name, getting to upcycle my maiden name in true crafty style and I also love the meaning behind it too. There's also no more males to carry on the family name so yeah! I'll always be a Gentry at heart and now I feel much happier in my blogging skin.

So what's in store for 2017? Lots.

A bit of news for you all- Chris and I put an offer in on a house and its been accepted!! Excitment, scary, nervousness and real adulting are some of the emotions that have crossed our minds as well as stress but it'll be an adventure and I plan to talk about it all on here and on the you tubes. 

I also want to change things up a bit and talk/write more about real life stuff. I'm sick of making videos on "what's in my handbag" and writing about things for the sake of it. I want to be writing about marriage- the good and the bad, gaining weight and... buying your first house and other real life topics. My life isn't insta pretty 24/7 (pfft it's not even insta pretty for more than 10 minutes tops!) and I feel like recently people have become consumed in having the perfect this and that... Well I'm taking a stand and my motto for this year besides Find some time for tea and wine is to shed the sheepskin and stop following the flock. 

It dawned on me last year that I've been wasting so much energy on trying to "fit in" and be like other bloggers in order to be well liked but d'you know what? It's exhausting as well as demoralising! I'm going to concentrate my time on doing what I enjoy as when it boils down to it, that's what blogging should be about. 

Anyway I can feel myself getting a bit ranty so I'll sign off now, plus a George Michael track has come on and after a few glasses of cava it's making me feel all sad. 

Let me know what your plans are for 2017 and I'll have a chat with you in the comments.

Ooh P.S... A massive THANK YOU to Stu for designing my new blog logo an for putting up with all my tweaks, requests and general annoying-ness. You can find him here or here and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

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