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Tuesday 10 January 2017

Countryfile Style- The 3 in Parka and Perfect Boots

Part of my country bumpkin uniform is donning a big coat and some comfy-ass boots. I don't live in the city and I don't always want to wear snazzy jazzy outfits with heels and pose with sunglasses that don't really suite me so in reality- this is what I wear. Contrary to popular belief, practical clothing doesn't have to be fucking ugly... It's true!

When I choose to dress casual, I'm still one of these girls who likes things to match or just "go" together in some shape or fashion which drives the husband mad, however I've found two flipping amazing items that'll keep me warm on winter walks, are comfy and look nice!!

Coat- FatFace
Boots- Hotter
Jeans- F&F
Scarf- Gift
Jumper- Primark

So firstly, this parka is the tits! It's from Fat Face and is honestly the warmest, most comfiest coat I have ever owned. On freezing cold days it's like wearing a duvet outdoors and I bloody love it. 

Fatface pieces are always more expensive than other shops but the quality is second to none, making it worth the money. The pockets, hood and fur trim on this coat make it super snuggly and it has a hidden secret...

The inner layer only turns into another jacket. Yup! The inner layer when un-zipped turns into the perfect little bomber jacket or if the weather is getting warm, the parka becomes more light weight with the inner layer taken out. I'm officially obsessed!

The second brilliant item is this pair of boots from Hotter. If you think Hotter shoes are just for old ladies, you can shake that stigma and read all about why they're not in this post here. These biker boots are honestly the most comfortable boots I've ever owned and I can walk for miles in them. Who needs fugly walking boots when you can wear these? Again I'm obsessed and wear these on dog walks, shopping, errands, everything!

These real leather and nubuck boots are "character leather" meaning they look better with wear and go with everything in my wardrobe from jeans to dresses, leggings and tights. The leather is also super soft so they haven't rubbed me once since wearing them- hurrah!

So there we have it. Country bumpkin can be practical, comfy and stylish too because I said so.

P.S- Thank you to my lovely sister for being my photographer for this post!

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