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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Top Five Designer Dupes

I've never really done a post like this before and I must express that I use the term designer rather loosely but recently I've found myself drawn to such items but not their price tag so in true thrifty style I've found some similar alternatives...

Kate Spade spade stud earrings

I love me some Spade but I can't always justify a pair of earrings around the £40 bench mark. The latest signature spade studs are these gold ones in Selfridges, retailing at £30.00.

Now take these little beauties which are oh so similar and almost identical to the gold except they're silver. These retail at Jewellery Box for just £3.95, being almost a tenth in price and they're sterling silver! 

These are from Jewellery Box who also do a silver and enamel pair, similar to the Kate Spade gold and black enamel pair from a few seasons back. 

Jewellery Box- £4.95

Kate Spade- £40.00 

The Marble Side Table

As we all know, marble has been a huge trend for a while now and doesn't appear to be going anywhere. This side table from Dwell is pretty perfect for resting drinks or casually displaying some coffee table reads but at £249 I think I'll pass...

Meanwhile at George of Asda (yup you heard me right) they have this slightly smaller but taller version at a very reasonable price of just £25 and it's a solid marble top too!!

If you're not feeling the white legs you can spray paint them silver, copper, etc which I think you can stretch to, having saved £224 not buying it from Dwell. 

Alphabet Glasses

I loved the alphabet mugs in Anthropologie a few years ago and now they've moved onto glass tumblers which would look perfect on a drinks trolley ready for a cocktail. They retail at Anthropologie for £14 each and they are oh so pretty but I can do one better...

Say hello to these £4 beauties from Matalan! They are practically identical to the Anthropologie ones except that the gold looks a slightly different shade but for £4 I think you can let them off no?

The Chloe Nile Bag

Everyone has gone rather gaga over this Chloe Nile bag and admittedly I'm one of them. There's something about that ring detail that makes this bag irresistible but at £1,150 they're not within everyone's budget, including mine!

Let me introduce you to these eBay gems, retailing at £16.81 if you're purchasing from a U.K seller but they're even less if you're willing to wait for one to be shipped from Hong Kong or China. Now admittedly I can't take much credit for this dupe. Gemma from Lifes A Catwalk brought my attention to this dupe over on Amazon but I then found these cheaper ones on eBay. Notably there are some differences between the genuine article and the fake; with the ring handle being significantly larger on the dupe and the obvious Chloe logo is missing. Of course the quality won't be there with the dupe but for some throwaway fashion and a bit of fun- they're pretty decent!

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