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Wednesday 15 November 2017

All over, all season, face cream- SteamCream*

These dark nights of late call for bubbles, pampering and Netflix in the bath and I've been loving using this beautiful moisturiser from Steam Cream as part of this ritual.

I recently discovered this whipped beauty from Steamcream and had to share it with you. So what's so special about this cream? Well it's all natural and harnesses the benefits of steam to give you a deeply replenishing and nourishing skin cream. It works on all skin types- even if your skin is of a sensitive disposition! Having oily skin myself I was dubious at first that it would break me out into an oil slick but it works in synergy with my skin and the light consistency makes it airy and easy to wear morning, noon and night. I love to use it under makeup of a morning and then as a relaxing treat in the bath of a night time. The lavender scent is perfect prep for a restful bed time and calming in the manic rush of a morning. 

With its price point at £13.95 I'd say it sits comfortably in the market with the likes of Lush products but the quality to me is very similar to L'Occitane which pleases my inner thrifter greatly! I've been using it for a good couple of months now and it's hardly made a dint in the tin- another big tick. 

I started using Steamcream at the back end of summertime and it worked a treat in the heat. It's transitioned into autumn winter with having plenty of punch to keep my skin hydrated and happy whilst not needing to cake it on to get the benefits. It's an all over, all season wonder and I bloody love it. 

The packaging is one of my favourite parts to purchasing as you can pick your own design! I went for pink and blooms but there are a huge array of ever changing designs to choose from to reflect your personal style. The most recent designs to come out are the Christmas ones which make for a perfect gift to yourself or a loved on too.

Have you tried out Steamcream yet?

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