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Tuesday 21 June 2016

The Lush Life

Lush is my go-to shop for a beautiful bath bomb or any kind of bath product for that matter, but what I didn't realise was just how many other products they provide.

Recently I attended a blogger's event at Lush in Peterborough with fellow local bloggers to find out what's on offer in the highly scented store.

Did you know Lush have toothpaste tablets!? Yup, just pop one in your gob, crush it up and brush away! They even had other flavours that taste like cherry colar bottles and more. I'd never even realised that they did oral hygiene products and even have solid deodorant with antibacterial properties and powder deodorants too to keep you smelling fresh and are gentle to you too.

Another product I was introduced to were massage bars. There are so many benefits from massage such as aiding sleep, soothing tired muscles and general relaxation, making you feel generally better in body and soul. Lush have a huge variety of scented bars that melt to the touch, making them easy to work into the skin.

We were shown lots of lovely smelling products and I was particularly drawn to these lip scrubs, smelling like bubblegum and popcorn! The Lush team had so much knowledge of what the products do, how they're made and their benefits with so much enthusiasm for their products which just goes to show they love what they do and love their products.

During the event I was of course swooning at the pretty products and amazing scents throughout the store and had to give everything a smell or a try!

Soon we had seen all the products on offer and the Lush team were demonstrating how their face masks are made - proving just how fresh and handmade they really are.

The lovely ladies made a batch of "Catastrophie Cosmetic"; a soothing, cleansing and moisturising mask for all skin types. As you can see there were fresh blueberries in the mix and we were offered to nibble on some before they were thrown into the mix. The smell of the mask was incredible and lasts up to two weeks when kept refrigerated. That's got to be better for our skin than processed products and since using it I have to say my skin has really enjoyed it!

Another thing I discovered is that Lush have their own spas dotted around the country with what sound like the ultimate relaxation and pampering. I am definitely looking to indulge in one of their treatments because they sound incredible and a lot of thought has been put into creating the ultimate relaxation treatments. We were told about The Sound Bath by Lisa of the Lush team who'd experienced it - a meditative and rebalancing treatment which sounded like heaven.

There are lots of wonderful masks to choose from, with skin treats for all and showcased in a bath of ice as Lush don't like to hide their products away in the fridge and rightly so! It's lovely to see just what goes into their products and if they say strawberries (for instance) go into one of their products, it's not just an extract, oh no... We're talking punnets people!

We were then treated to a hand and arm massage each. Here's the gorgeous Georgina from 2 Pretty Ladies being pampered. I was amazed at just how relaxing it was compared with a back massage which for me is the ultimate heaven and soon I was feeling very dreamy.

We then had a demonstration on their famous bath bombs which are my favourite Lush product and make any bath a magical and luxurious experience.

Lush also have the most gorgeous gift sets, wrapped in the prettiest paper and are perfect for any bath and beauty lover. I always have Lush on my birthday list and have never been disappointed.

I picked up some lovelies goodies* from the event and also picked up some bits too!

So if you haven't already tried Lush, my question to you is why not? All of the products are free from animal testing, fresh, handmade and where possible it's free from packaging! They're a truly fantastic brand and one I've become even more of a fan of than I was before.

Don't be shy to ask for advice in store because the Lush team are so knowledgeable and helpful -  you won't be disappointed.

Live the Lush Life.


  1. Lovely post!
    I was also really surprised at how relaxing the hand and arm massage was.. Xx

  2. Lovely post and great photos. I STILL haven't been into Lush nut really must pop in and see what all the hype is ��


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