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Tuesday 12 April 2016

From Craft Room to Guest Room - Transformation

You may remember I did a post on my craft room last year and how I transformed a sad little desk into my crafting mecca. This room has a little secret in that when I'm not sewing, gluing and sticking, it transforms into a cosy little guest room.

Recently I gave it a new lease of life and fresh feel with the help of some bedding and bits from Wayfair. They set me a challenge on how to “Bring the Outdoors In” and I couldn't think of a more perfect room to do it with, especially with spring well and truly being here.

I picked up this brilliant futon in a second hand furniture shop at a steal of £40. Kitted out with a brand new mattress, it’s the perfect mix of practical and handy for space saving and bed space for guests. I opted for some new cream bedding to keep the space bright and open, giving the illusion of space to a small room which works a treat and keeps it fresh.

As it’s still a touch chilly, a nice throw blanket is always a comfort for guests to wrap around themselves and snuggle down under. The duck egg blue compliments the existing colour palette of the craft room and brings a fresh spring feel to the bedding.  It also doubles up as the perfect blanket for me to get under and read/ nap on the futon!

To finish it all off you need a few decorative pieces so I like to put together a few things that make any guest feel welcome. A neatly folded set of towels with some toiletries and candles are always much appreciated as well as the wifi code – who doesn’t want need that!? My crafting desk and chair also double up as a great dressing table area for people who stay.

To again bring the spring and outdoors inside, I picked up these amazing tulips from Wayfair which are genuine fake – perfect for when you’re out of fresh blooms and my god do they look genuine. I am seriously impressed with the quality! To finish it all off, my craft suitcase doubles up as a make-shift bedside table. A touch of lace over the top, some handy pen and paper and you’re good to go!

I love that this room is dual purpose, ensuring it gets full usage and isn’t just a spare room that’s closed off until the next guests arrive. I absolutely love it and would urge any fellow crafters, bloggers and vloggers who are lusting after a desk area of their own to do the same!

For some more inspiration, check out my “Craft/ Guest Room Inspiration” board over on Pinterest:

Do you have any dual purpose rooms?


  1. That looks gorgeous, so peaceful and tranquil. I used to love getting all my best bedding out and folding towels and toiletries for guests when we regularly had friends staying over. Off topic but I love putting on a big breakfast spread too, it's like making your house into a little holiday home for the weekend!

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  2. Love it, especially the basket of toiletries and the double use of your case. I can't wait for our house to have a useable guest room so I can make our house guests welcome


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