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Friday 3 July 2015

#TuscanyNominate You deserve a break…

As the title of this blog post states, you deserve a break and right now, I know someone in particular who could do with some time to breathe and relax. That person is my husband Chris.

The wonderful people over at Tuscany Now are running a Nominate to appreciate competition over on their blog to give those special people in our lives a well-deserved rest. I instantly thought of Chris, what with his hectic job within the military and the logistics of his crazy lifestyle.

With the work Chris does in the military, he forever lives out of a bag and is always on the road. In the week he works all over the country from the Isle of Sky to Devon and leaves for these places at the drop of a hat. When he’s not doing that he’s being posted to jobs in places like the Falklands, Minhad and Afghanistan for months at a time. Earlier on in January, in the middle of our house move Chris was told he was off to the Falklands- he was gone for two months. Despite all this and when he’s in the country, Chris will travel home every weekend. He takes a train from where ever he is to Cambridgeshire to spend some time at home with me and our pets. He never grumbles and just gets on with it which I find truly inspiring as well as selfless. He’s never thinking of himself, never gives himself a real rest and I think a break would do him the world of good!

In the past we've talked about visiting Tuscany and in particular Florence with its wine tours and spectacular architecture to marvel at, oh and of course food! Chris has a particular weak spot for Italian food, as do I. I would love to give him the opportunity to unwind in the quaint 18th century cottage that is Limonaia, situated on a hillside with spectacular views of the city of Florence. It'd also be great to explore Florence, tasting the local food and wine and to try out the bike tours of the city. When he has the time, Chris loves to get out and about on a bike, so this would be the perfect combination (and serious wife points!)

I know I am biased but I truly think that Chris deserves a break which is why I entered #TuscanyNominate. As I've already said he never grumbles and he always has a smile on his face but it'd be fantastic to see a true grin spread across his face if he found out he'd won a holiday. 

Regardless of winning or not, I'm so pleased I've done this post to let Chris know just how much I appreciate him. I don't think he'll ever realise quite how much.

Who would you nominate?


  1. This is such a lovely post - good luck! Definitely seems like he deserves a good rest! X

    1. Aww thank you Zoe. It'd make my day if he won the nomination. Yeah he sure does! xx

  2. Sometimes it's nice for others to hear what we think about them.
    Good luck and I hope he wins the competition.

    1. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment Karl :-)


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