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Tuesday 3 March 2015

Beauty on the go: Vaseline Spray and Go

Moisturising can be such a chore and at times the idea of smothering yourself in sticky creams and lotions makes us all groan. Alas this is a must if you want to keep your bod silky soft but luckily for us all Vaseline has come up with an ingenious product called Spray and Go.

The moisturiser comes in a can and emits a fine mist of moisturiser that's light and applies evenly. It takes seconds to spray your entire body and with a small amount of rubbing in, it dries quickly, meaning you can put clothes on straight away! It's non-greasy and the cocoa butter smells delicious, leaving a long lasting scent all day.

I'd say I'm addicted to this product just now as it's perfect for a hectic lifestyle- especially if you exercise. I love that after a workout I can moisturise in seconds and carry on with the rest of my day. Or if you're just feeling lazy and want a quick fix this is the perfect product.

Vaseline Spray and Go comes in a few different scents and I can't wait to try more but for now I am in love with this super quick moisturiser and my skin is loving it too!

Have you tried any spray moisturisers?

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