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Tuesday 3 February 2015

Homeware Haul: Anthropologie, Amazon and more!

Camera ornament- Wilkos

I''ve never done a homeware haul before but I moved into our new pace and buying bits to decorate and style our home has been so much fun! (Well for me anyway!)

When it comes to bedding, its always a struggle to find something you and your man will both like. I'd LOVE florals but of cours that's too girly for him but we managed to settle with this aztec geometric style print from Bedeck. The quality is amazing and the sheets feel incredibly soft. The lime shades realy cut through the dark furniture we have, giving space and a brighter feel.

Bedding- Bedeck
Cushions (grey)- Tesco
Mr Fox Pillow- Bedeck

When I realised Bedeck the Mr Fox Pillow I got seriously excited! I love the fun design and it adds character. The pixelated pillows are from Tesco and again are great quality, feeling super soft and snuggly. I originally bought these for another room but they don't fit with my scheme but conveniently they look great with this bedding.

Candle- Anthropologie

Onto Anthropologie...May I just say this shop is my heaven! I first discovered one in  America and oh my! I love the style of their homeware and fell in love with EVERYTHING! I picked up this candle and coaster from their online store in the sale for an absolute bargain! I think they match perfectly with the style of the bedding and are a subtle way to carry on the theme we are going with.

Coaster- Anthropologie

Mugs- Anthropologie

I also picked up these darling mugs from Anthropologie, this time in the store in Aerica. They are so pretty that I've actually decided to keep them as decorative mugs in our kitchen, Is that weird!?

Kettle- Russell Hobbs

Toaster- Russell Hobbs

Speaking of kitchens, these are the kettle and toaster we picked out. They're a modern take on a country style which is just what we were going for. I love how sturdy Russell Hobbs appliances are and the array of colours but the neutral creams best fit our country vision. 
Tea, coffee & sugar tins- Amazon

Sticking with our country vision we also got these tea, coffee and sugar tins and a matching bread bin again in cream to match in a country style also.
Bread Bin- Amazon

Coffee Machine- Amazon

We also picked up this coffee machine as I'm a dab hand at making good coffee- particularly lattes. IF however you're a novis fear not, ths machine is easy to use and comes with great instructions. It's the perfect appliance for any coffee fiends and for impressing guests with a decent cup of coffee. The milk frother is great for a frothy coffee or a hot chocolate!

So that's pretty much everything we have bought for the house except a few little bits which are just in the video, so if you want to see more click below!

Our little home is slowly coming together, we just need a few photos and pictures up really but finding little gems like we have really does help to make it feel personal.

Where do you like to shop for homeware?

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