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Friday 6 February 2015

Big Beauty Haul

photo of ted baker make-up bag, bed head shampoo nd conditionner, anastacia brow wizz, tarte lights camera flashes, ben and jerrys lip balm, sephora, no7, toni and guy, bumble and buumble

So this haul is unintentionally large… but in my defence this is an accumulation over the past couple of months and I did go to America where shopping is a must!

Ted Baker Make-up bag

Yes I am aware I am late to the Ted Baker party with this but isn’t it lovely? This was a Christmas present form the hubby and is actually the wash bag but I’m using it as a roomy make-up bag for my dressing table as it’s just far too pretty not to be displayed. I love the rose gold bow detailing so much!


Bedhead Moisture Maniac Shampoo & Conditioner

I have a lot of friends who swear by bedhead products, particularly their shampoo and conditioners, claiming they really make a difference to the condition of their hair and I must admit I have been converted. This duo bring a lot of much needed moisture to my tresses, leaving it feeling nourished and a lot more manageable. The smell is also to DIE for, making the chore of hair washing much more enjoyable!

Toni & Guy flexible hold hairspray

As like all Toni & Guy products this hairspray has a distinctive lovely smell. The nozzle threw me a bit initially as it’s slightly different to a bog standard hairspray but it works well, giving you a gentle mist of hairspray to secure your style without it being weighted down. It also allows some movement to the hair giving a much more natural hold.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

I’ve heard a lot of hype around Bumble & Bumble products so I thought I’d try one for myself and opted for the surf spray. This is great for adding texture to wet or dry hair and is great for a beachy look as the name would suggest. I love using this on a curly messy style, giving it a deconstructed undone look- perfect for hair that doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard.

Anastacia Brow Wizz

Okay lets just take a moment to appreciate this amazing brand… My brows seriously have never looked so good! When I saw the stand in Sephora I had palpitations as I’ve heard so many good things about this brand and needless to say they are the tits. This brow pencil is great with its teeny tiny and precise end, which is great for small hair like strokes which is what you want from a brow pencil. The pencil consistency is also great as it’s not too soft and there’s no risk of over drawing your brows that way. It also has a handy little spooley on the other end to brush through your brows, leaving them looking naturally defined. I’m sure you all already know how great this product is but honestly I will never look back!

Sugar Lip Tint in Raspberry

I was instantly drawn to this product for the packaging. It’s so pretty! I didn’t realise it was a lip tint initially and has SPF 15 which is great. I’m using it more as a lipstick as the colour payoff is sheer but pigmented at the same time. It also smells amazing with a watermelon and sugar scent to it. They had so many other colours in Sephora but they were slightly on the pricey side otherwise I would have gotten more!

Sephora Crème Lip Stain- Rouge

For me this is the ultimate red lipstick or stain should I say. No longer will I have to worry about apply my lipstick badly as this product has a doe foot applicator which makes precision a breeze. This lip stain dries a beautiful matte colour and stays put for hours. I have happily gone out to eat and drink wearing this and it hasn’t budged. It’s the perfect low maintenance red lip.

Ben & Jerry’s Lip Balms

I think these must just be an American thing? Anyway I picked these up whilst in the states and they really do smell like the ice creams! The consistency is quite hard which I like as there’s no risk of smooshing (yup that’s a real word) your fingers in it and making a big mess. It also feels lovely on the lips even if it does make you pine for the ice cream…

No7 youthful eye serum & match perfect concealer

A beauty haul wouldn't be complete from me without a mention of No7. It's one of my favourite high street brands! After all the ranting and raving I've done about the colour matching foundation in this post I had to try the concealer out and it's awesome! Matched to my skin like the foundation, it is the perfect colour. I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin types as it is quite a dry formula but if however you're an oily skin type it is excellent. Very blendable and buildable and does the job. The eye serum came as a freebie and I'm loving it. Now I'm getting a bit older, (boo) I feel I need an eye cream and this serum is perfect for making the delicate under eye skin feel moisturised without being greasy. I'll definitely be purchasing a full size one! 

Sephora 16hr eye shadow- sweet champagne

Another wonderful Sephora product here which is ever so similar to the Maybelline colour tattoo eye shadows in that it’s a creamy consistency that sets. I love the champagne shade, it’s such a beautiful shimmery colour that looks great in the inner corner to brighten or as an all over touch of colour.

Sephora and O.P.I gel nail varnish- hot to trot

Sticking with Sephora I noticed they have teamed up with O.P.I and brought out their own line of gel nail polishes. The hot to trot shade is a vibrant pink colour and would be great for holiday season. It’s not the hardiest gel polish I’ve ever used but it does make It easier to remove. I also picked up another shade called I only shop vintage which was a beautiful shimmery gold colour but I’ve somehow lost it sine I moved. *sob*

Sensational gel polishes in: Coral sunset, jelly sherbert and cool breeze

My lovely friend Emma bought me these shades for my birthday and I am in love! The formula of sensational polishes ensures that they last a full two weeks and still look great! I have a review post here if you’re interested in doing a home gel manicure yourself! I love all these colours and think they are great shades for any time of year.

Tarte Lights, camera, flashes mascara

Again I was drawn to this product mainly for the packaging and also because of the hype from other beauty bloggers and youtubers. That packing though… And the mascara itself is great! It has two sides to the brush, side 1 and 2. Side 1 is dense smaller bristles which add thickness to the lashes and side 2 has longer bristles to add length. I love it! I just wish I’d bought the waterproof one as I’m a sucker for crying- eek!

Bobbi Brown Corrector

And finally I shall finish with this little beaut. My first Bobbi Brown purchase and a damn good one! I picked up the shade porcelain peach and it is great for correcting darkness under the eyes. My under eye circles have been banished by this amazing product! You don’t get a lot of product but a little bit goes a long way. It’s a dense product which really helps mask those under eye circles and I find it’s best applied with a brush and a bit of patting in with fingers. It’s very quickly become one of my top concealers!

So that’s the end of my haul! It’s a lot I know and there’s a few other bits on my video if you want to see more so click below:

It’s always good to have a little splurge and treat yourself! What products have bought recently?

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