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Wednesday 8 January 2014

Shades of Grey

Today is a scary day as I have an interview and I'm crapping my pants!!

Blazer- Dorothy Perkins (sale)
Shirt- thrifted (originally from M&S)
Jeggings- H&M
Heels- River Island

So in case its not obvious I'm not exactly thrilled about the idea of being interviewed later on today, yet weirdly I actually perform pretty well during interviews and can pull off a confident wonderful version of myself... 

I felt that I could wear something more smart casual for the interview because of the job I'm going for (that and I've put on a few pounds over Christmas so my actual interview dress is a tad snug!!) Plus I always think it pays to wear something you feel comfortable in for things like this so you'll feel more confident, happy and generally come across like this to people. That's my logic anyway!

I must admit this outfit is a bit of a bargain, nabbing the blazer for £8 in the Dorothy Perkins sale and the shirt for 50p from a charity shop! The jeans give it that casual feel but still tie in with the smart look. Ive kept jewellery to a bare minimum to keep the look professional for an interview.

I've also just let my hair air dry with a bit of mousse run through it whilst it was damp and just scrunched it. I'm trying to steer clear of heat from my hair for a long while as winter has dried it out massively and I want it to grow and feel healthy again!

Anyway enough waffle except for this- god I love my new camera sooooo much haha. I hope you like this outfit and I hope my interview goes well! Fingers crossed and wish me luck!


P.s... check out this outfit on my Youtube channel too! 

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  1. Aww thank you I'm glad you like it ^_^. 'll check yours out xx


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