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Thursday 9 January 2014

My first weekly weigh in and weight loss history..

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a good week! I had a job interview yesterday (to see the outfit I wore click here) which went pretty well as I got the job! Must admit I'm a little bit frightened to start as I've not worked for about 4 months now and scared I'll cock it up but I'm sure it'll be fine? Right? I have two hours of training to do tomorrow and then start properly in a couple of weeks!

Anyway onto the main topic of this post...This year I decided I need to shift some poundage as I'm feeling a bit bloated and wobbly. I wouldn't say I'm fat but I would say I'm at the point where I no longer feel comfortable in my own skin and certain clothing is feeling a bit too tight. There's also my July wedding looming and I want to look my best so with that in mind, I threw myself into my diet as soon as January 1st came and I can happily say I've so far stuck to it and seen results!

I've decided to use Weight Watchers to help me loose weight as I know it works. They calculate your daily points allowance by your height, weight, age and type of lifestyle you lead (i.e active or sitting down a lot type thing.) Each food has a points value and you simply eat up to your daily allowance! Some foods obviously have a higher points value so depending on what you pick will determine the amount you can eat for the day. It's so simple to follow you cant really go wrong, plus no food is off limits. You can eat what you like providing you have enough points left that day! 

I've lost weight with Weight Watchers before, loosing almost a stone and half last time! My biggest problem is maintaining my weight loss. I got down to my goal weight in 2012 and felt so confident and happy with myself and proud to have achieved what I set out to do. I then met Chris and the weight slowly but surely started to creep back up. I don't blame him for it, it was my decision to eat Chinese take always and make bad choices when eating out. I'd just say he was a distraction and like many people- when you're happy and in eat! I attempted to get back on the wagon a few times but if I'm honest my heart really wasn't in it. This time however I feel more determined than ever to a) loose the weight and b) maintain it.

I've been using the Weight Watchers app and it's so much easier than using a booklet and a pro points calculator as a lot of foods are already stored in it but failing that there is a calculator too. It makes my life a lot easier with keeping track of how many points I have left for the day and is great for on the go. It's also handy for people like me who can't get to the Weight Watchers meetings as it suggests new recipes to try each week too! 

So that's my history anyway. It definitely helps that my other half is supporting me 100% and is also on a health kick of his own. It's only been a week and I have lost 2 lbs. It may not seem a lot to some of you but it's a healthy loss and I expect to loose between 1-2 lbs each week. My goal is to be at my desired weight by July which is definitely achievable, especially as I'm doing exercises classes three times a week. 

The great thing about Weight Watchers is it doesn't really feel like a diet! I had cheese and crackers last night as I had enough pro points left over. I could even eat a pizza on Saturday but instead of piling on the cheese I had a little less and added peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms as a healthy alternative. I don't feel like I'm missing out at all as I can have my favourite things just in moderation!

Anyway that's my first weigh in post. I didn't intend for it to turn into such a Weight Watchers plug but I can't rate it highly enough. In my coming posts I'll be writing my weight loss tips, tricks and motivation. What are your tips and are you using a weight loos group like weight watchers?



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