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Sunday 29 September 2013

Little update...

Hello everyone, I'm aware I've not blogged properly for ages and really missing it, sorry for my absence! However I have moved broad to Cyprus which is quite life changing for a start and still waiting on the majority of my things to arrive! I'm currently living out of a suitcase (overflowing may I just add)  but hoping I can do a few outfit posts in the coming week. Eventually I will get some sort of routine to life and I can go from there! 

Obviously my outfit posts won't be overly wintry for a long while as it's still 27 degrees out here and only gets down to about 15 degrees but they may be good for fellow people abroad or for uk people going on a winter holiday! Anyway I hope you are all well, speak soon!


P.s... Wedding posts will also be coming soon! Xx

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