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About Me

Hi! I’m Kat and congratulations- you’ve found my little place on the internet. I’m 35 year old Cambridgeshire country bumpkin living with my husband, hounds and cat.

So as you’re on my “About Me” page, I can only assume you’d like to know a thing or two? Well I like to think of myself as a fabulous weekend wonder and a miracle worker in the week, splitting my time between working full time and blogging/exploring on the weekends.

I’ve been around the bloggersphere for roughly 11 years, being previously known as Laydey Katabella. I decided to retire that name in December 2016 as over the years this blog has grown and changed, meaning my childhood nickname was no longer reflecting me!

This space is made up predominantly of style, craft and lifestyle posts which inevitably will include my husband and hounds. My motto is to find some time for tea and wine (which are two of my favourite things alongside cheese) so I strongly suggest you grab a brew or a glass, get comfy and enjoy a post or few.

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