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Tuesday 18 August 2020

DIY Diaries: Frenchicing the Downstairs Loo

I've become a little bit obsessed with Frenchic and decorating this year as you could probably tell from my post on painting my entire kitchen with Frenchic paint!

Skip to a couple months later and I was wondering what I could paint next...Queue the downstairs loo!

The downstairs loo has been a bone on contention for me for quite a while. When we moved in it was carpeted which is a whole load of gross! Teamed with a sickly green wall colour, this space really wound me up.

Radiator Cover- Argos

Candle Holder- Asda Home

Mirror- eBay

I used Frenchic Alfresco in the colour Black Jack to paint the skirting boards and door frames and the radiator too. It makes such a change to not undercoat, prime and gloss skirting boards and instead lightly sanding the skirting boards before painting straight onto it. 

With different Frenchic colours, they cover differently and in the case of Black Jack, it takes 3-4 coats. Thankfully you only need to leave it to dry for two hours and you can paint again. It also makes the radiator more of a feature in the room with I love! 

Another feature I wanted to change and make more of a statement was the tiles. Now don't get me wrong I love decorating and DIY but I do not feel confident with the idea of tiling myself! Instead I did a cheeky hack of applying stick on tiles. Admittedly I was a bit dubious of them initially but having seen lots of positive reviews I took the plunge and I'm really pleased with the result- so much so that I extended the tiles onto the side of the wall (pictured above) where they randomly stopped previously. 

Tiles- Amazon

Soap dispenser and towel rail- Amazon

Bathroom cabinet- eBay

Shelving- IKEA

I probably wouldn't use them to tile over an entire bathroom or an area that gets a lot of water traffic but for a downstairs look sink they are perfect and easier than attempting tiling for the first time!

I decided not to put the mirror above the sink and opted for shelving with a few bits of decor. I know a lot of people are of the opinion that a mirror should sit above the sink but I felt that instead hanging a mirror over the radiator and adding a radiator shelf made use of another area that would otherwise be unused space.

Chunk in a new blind and a plant for good measure and voila we have a new downstairs loo! I know it is only a loo at the end of the day but I'm honestly so much happier with it now than how it was before. 

Blind- Amazon

Have you used Frenchic in your downstairs loo?

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