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Monday 15 June 2020

DIY Rustic Scaffold Shelves

This post is one I almost didn't write because it seems almost self explanatory but after recieving comments from family and friends saying "I thought you'd bought them" and "how did you do it", I decided it might be blog post worthy!

Scaffolding shelves and rustic shelving have become a huge trend in recent times and you can buy some amazing pieces but they come with a hefty price tag so Chris and I decided to give it a go oursevles!

Chris picked up these unwanted scaffolding planks for free which were a bit grubby and with cement remnants on them. He then set about chipping off the cement and cleaning them up before having them cut to size.

Our neighbour very kindly offered to cut them for us and being an ex carpenter, he cut them beautifully with his tools. Of course you can do this yourself and we would have done otherwise but as he had all the kit and was keen to do it for us, we jumped at the chance! Length wise we opted for a size that would best fit the space we wanted the shelves to go- another benefit of making them yourself. The depth of the shelves was determined a) by the space and b) the brackets I chose. I opted for these beautiful hand made steel brackets from eBay which were 6 inches.

Next Chris sanded down and smoothed off the wood before staining it. We chose this dark oak colour from Colron which colours and protects the wood in one and ended up only applying one coat to get the desired colour and effect we wanted.

Chris then attached the brackets to the shelves. Again we initially decided where to place the brackets by eye which worked out roughly 5 inches from the edge of the shelf and then he measured this for the following two shelves to ensure they would all match.

Finally Chris hung them on the wall and I style and titivated them! This DIY was basically done by Chris and with the help of our neighbour and I'm so pleased with how they turned out. My contribution was choosing the brackets, stain and styling after!

I'd really recommend giving this DIY a go! The shelves are so simple to make but really add to a space. In total it cost us £46 to make these, £30 on the brackets and £16 for the stain!

Are you into this style of shelving and would you make them yourself?

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