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Saturday 16 March 2019

DIY Diaries: Office Update 2.0

I recently did a post on our newly decorated bedroom and with that went my office room! So where has it gone? Well, we actually ended up switching all three bedrooms in the house so what was a guest room has now become my office.

white pink and rose gold office

There's a lot of similarities to the old office in the colour scheme and the furniture but there's also some added extras and changes such as the ladder shelving unit.

white pink and rose gold office
Radio- Amazon
Rose Gold In Tray- Wilko
Vase- Matalan
Jewellery Tray- Rex London
Photo Frame- TK Maxx
Shelving Unit- IKEA

Ladder shelving- B&M
Desk- IKEA
Chair- IKEA  (old stock, was blue but sprayed it rose gold)
Rose Gold Desk Tidy- Wilko
Rose Gold Magazine Holder- Wilko
Vase- Matalan
Mohair Cushion- Matalan
Desk Lamp- Wilkos
Microphone- Blue Snowball Ice
Photo frames- The Range
Curtains- The Range
Vase and faux plant- IKEA

This was originally meant for the living room but it looked too small for the room and instead fitted perfectly in this odd corner of the room and I really love it for displaying bits and pieces on.

white pink and rose gold office

The walls are also white in this room- something I did myself and was petrified about as it was the first room I painted all by myself but you can't really go wrong with white right? Oops I got some white paint on the white ceiling when I'm painting the walls- no biggy!

white pink and rose gold office

A big change for me is having a hard floor and although it's not the warmest, it's much more practical than carpet for skidding around in my office chair and easier to clean up after an arts and crafts explosion.

white pink and rose gold office

So where did the bed go? It's still in here but now it's folded away and only makes a full appearance when we need two bedrooms available for guests. I painted the end white and repurposed the throw as a bed cover which then doubles up as a cosy throw when the bed is in use! Having the bed folded away makes a huge difference with the space so I can spread out when filming videos or even just a good area to hang clothes that need to dry. Thrilling I know!

white pink and rose gold office

white pink and rose gold office

I'm actually a lot happier in this space than I was the old office room. For one, the sun comes into the room early morning which is a great motivator for getting shit done whereas it streamed through the old room in the evenings making it super hot and stuffy- not what you want when you're recording podcast episodes and need the door closed! It's also a lot more cosy as it is a smaller room and I enjoy it thoroughly and find myself in this room more often that I ever did in the old space. It's truly a lovely place to work on my blogging, YouTube and podcasting hobbies.

white pink and rose gold office

If you need me, I'll be singing away to the radio,typing and sipping a decent brew.

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