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Sunday 27 January 2019

Winter Podcast Favourites

Its been a while since I’ve done a roundup of my favourite podcasts to listen to. I love to discover new ones all the time so my favourites change on a regular basis. That's not to say that previous favourites are no longer loved- oh no! But I do find depending on what I’m up to, my mood and the time of year, i switch up my listening.

So without further ado, this is what I’m loving at the moment.

photo of speaking of carrie podcast

Speaking of Carrie 

Having been to New York in December and doing the Sex and The City Tour, I discovered that the tour guides Melissa Stokoski and Elyse Brandau do their very own podcast on the show called Speaking of Carrie! I was truly overjoyed to discover this and have been avidly listening to the back catalogue all through January. They dissect an episode each week with a guest and talk through the highs, the lows and the hilarious moments. If you’re a fellow SATC fan you will love this podcast and the hosts are hilarious to listen to. It’s a real pick me up show that’ll leave you feeling cheerful for sure.

photo of Katie Piper's extraordinary people podcast

Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People

If you’ve missed Katie since strictly or are generally looking for a great podcast, Katie Piper’s extraordinary people is a brilliant and inspiring listen. Each episode features a guest who talks about their astonishing experiences, facing adversity and how they’ve come through the other side. I come away from each instalment feeling inspired, albeit a little shocked at what some people have gone through in life but it goes to show that as human beings we are stronger than we perhaps realise at times. 

photo of Locked Up Abroad Podcast

Locked up Abroad

Since discovery The Wonderland Murders (which I featured in my last roundup) and Dirty John from Wondery, I have been scrolling through their other podcasts and came across Locked Up Abroad. This podcast features real life accounts of how people have come to be imprisoned in foreign countries and their stories are told by none other than themselves! This podcast is jaw dropping and at points the stories sound almost unbelievable! It’ll have you on tenterhooks wondering whether they are going to make it and how they escape. Some people are falsely imprisoned and others admittedly are not but regardless if they’re guilty or not, their stories are jaw dropping, gritty and real. You will be hooked! 

photo of On The Line Podcast

On The Line with Estee LaLonde

I was really sad when I found out that Estee’s podcast The Heart of It wasn’t coming back but thankfully she is back with a brand new podcast called On The Line. I love the concept behind this podcast. For each episode there’s a caller on the line with a question relating to the topic Estee is discussing with her guest. The topics covered are those that us ladies out there would discuss on a girls night in. From contraception to sexuality and so much more- this podcast is like listening to your gal pals and no topic is off limits. Love! 

Photo of The Prosecco Sessions podcast

The Prosecco Sessions!

Of course as always I’m biased- I love my podcast and it’s had a revamp and switch up! If you’re subscribed on apple podcasts, Soundcloud or follow on Twitter, you may have noticed the cover art has changed. With that there’s also been a switch up with the hosts so rather than there being three regular hosts, it’s now me and a variety of different guests!

Season 3 of The Prosecco Sessions is going live Thursday 31st January!!!!! So you have ten whole weeks of brand new, uninterrupted listening ahead! I’ve worked really hard on this season; doing it all by myself but I’m really pleased with the end result! It’s taken a while to do but I’m sure you’ll love the topics and the guests I’ve got on to talk with! So stay tuned for that and be sure to subscribe, rate and review.

So that is what I’m listening to at present! If there’s any you think I’ll love or would recommend, pop a comment down below and share your fabulous podcast favourites.


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