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Wednesday 14 March 2018

Steering away from Pink and Grey

I've been having the biggest love affair with pink and grey for the longest time but a few weeks back another colour stole the show and thrusted itself into limelight... Say hello to yellow, accompanied by my good friend navy.

On a recent trip to London I spied this shirt and necklace ensemble in the Oliver Bonas at Kings Cross and honestly I could not get it out of my head. My friend Laura who was with me at the time was championing my decision to buy it but alas my bank balance was not... Thankfully a few days later I got paid and they went straight in my basket!

Being my first ever purchases from Oliver Bonas I felt dead fancy and like a proper grown up lady shopping there. I'd never spent so much on a shirt before and some of you may snort at the £49.50 price tag but for a lady who dithers over whether a top in Primark is worth £8... this was a big deal to me. As soon as I tried it on though I knew I'd made the right decision. The shirt's quality is just superb and I can see it lasting me a long time. It's an investment piece or at least thats what I tell myself (and the husband) to justify my splurge.

The necklace was also on the pricey side but I know it'll go with so many things. Even just a casual grey tee, jeans and the yellow bag will look great with very minimal effort. The necklace does all the talking for you.

As for the beret, I've been having major beret blogger problems! Maybe its the fact my head is the size of a small planet or that my forehead is particularly ginormous but it took me forever to figure out how to wear the f*cking thing! Thankfully Lucy from My Copper Haven briefed me up and gave me a beret break down on how to style it but worst case scenario it was only £2 from eBay so if it stayed in my wardrobe for the foreseeable future then so be it!

Talking of eBay, the bag is also Oliver Bonas but thrifted from an eBay seller. It was brand new but a couple of seasons ago so win win with that. Its bloody fab and lifts the navy brilliantly.

Coat- Boohoo
Shirt- Oliver Bonas
Necklace- Oliver Bonas
Jeans- F&F
Shoes- Matalan (similar/better ones here)
Bag- Oliver Bonas
Beret- eBay

This is one of those outfits that when I put it on I just feel...good, like really good and I can feel the confidence radiating from me with every stride I take and for that- the outfit is priceless. 

Do you have an outfit that makes you feel like this or are you gearing up to get one you've been coveting?

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