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Sunday 5 February 2017

Date Night make-up with M∙A∙C*

The ultimate date night is almost upon us- Valentine's Day. Whether you love it or loathe it, in a weeks time it'll be here and I personally like to embrace it. Give me any excuse to get my glad rags on and look pretty for dinner and I'm there but this year I decided to seek the professional help of M∙A∙C to get my make-up date night ready.

At the tail end of last year, M∙A∙C opened a store in Queensgate to many Peterborough women's delight, making it easy to swatch new shades and get expert make-up advice including appointments.

 I opted for an appointment with one of the team to have a full makeup look from lips to lashes, applied by a M∙A∙C Artist in 60 minutes. My make-up artist was the fabulous Jordan who instantly made me feel relaxed and excited to get started.

We started off by talking through the look I was going for before moving on to my skin type and colours and shades I liked. I requested a romantic make-up that was big on the eyes with a light flawless base.

Jordan set to work with finding different palettes and shades for me to try and with her array of brushes, tools and knowledge, she started creating my look.

After skincare was applied, we started with the brows and eyes- something I would never normally do but as Jordan explained, any fall out from the eye shadow etc can be easily cleaned away before putting on your base, making it less messy. It also gives your skincare time to sink in and really work it's magic.

So that I could learn the tips and tricks Jordan was doing, she had me do the opposite side of what she had done, giving pointers where I needed them, I must admit I felt pretty nervous having a professional watch me stab at my face with brushes but Jordan was brilliant, encouraging me and praising me for the areas I did well.

To finish the look, I couldn't resist some lashes as lets be honest, they're kind of perfect to flutter at your date am I right!? I went for the 36 lash to add length and fullness but still look a little more natural.

Before I knew it my 60 minute makeup was over but luckily it included a face chart to help you recreate it at home and listed the products used so I can purchase them at a later date. I also got some samples to take away and try before I buy (which is tempting fate as I've already begun to ear mark what to get from my next pay cheque!)

And this is the finished look! Queue posing photos in 3, 2, 1...

Teamed with heart print dress, I'm ready to be wined and dined by my loved one this Valentine's Day feeling super pretty and feminine with my new found look.

P.S A big thank you to Jordan for making me feel pretty and to hubby Chris for being my photographer!

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