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Friday 11 December 2015

Vuelio Blog Awards and Breaking Bad with ABQ London

The final weekend in November was a rather eventful and exciting one for me, firstly attending the Vuelio Blog Awards and then going to the Breaking Bad RV to make cocktails!

Friday 27th marked a very exciting and super glam night for the blogging community as Vuelio held its first Blog Awards ceremony. I was fortunate enough to be invited and took along my fellow blogging hubby Beers Bikes and Bistro, otherwise known as Chris to the awards.

The awards were held at  The Brewery on Chiswell Street in London and was a fantastic venue of choice. Hats off to whoever chose it as from the minute you walked in, the staff took your coat and offered you a glass of bubbly. The food was also incredible- looking and tasting amazing!

Mark Dolan hosted the awards, cracking jokes and getting trying to get laughs out of the audience. There was so many categories in the running, some which I didn't even realise people would blog about which made for a very interesting evening. There was a no speeches policy too, making each category quick and exciting to watch. Amongst the nominees we met Al and his wife Jen from The Dad Network who were just brilliant and fellow Cambridge blogger Ana from The Book Smugglers who won the best blog for art and film!

Both Chris and I had such a wonderful time, celebrating the success of other fellow bloggers and partying into the small hours.

On Saturday we nursed our sore heads before another evening of alcoholic beverages but this time in the form of science....bitch.

If you're also Breaking Bad addicts, I'm sure you'll understand just how excited we were to find out that there's an RV where you can go and "cook". I came across this amazing place thanks to Laura blogging about it just a few weeks before. Being part way through season 4 and very much engrossed in the series, Chris and I couldn't resist going along and making some meth cocktails.

Based in Hackney, ABQ run this awesome RV equipped with everything you'd need to create your own crystal cocktails. With names like "Say my name" for cocktails and with the alcohol measures being far from stingy, we knew we were onto a winner, working in teams to create the best cocktails.

The attention to detail from the series was really well mimicked on the RV, making you feel like you're really there! From music from the show to items you'd recognise from each series, everything was perfect.

The cocktails also tasted amazing and were so much fun to make. You made a total of two cocktails whilst on the two hour experience which doesn't sound a great deal however they were strong and in large portions, so much so I was struggling to get my down range before the session ended!

Both Chris and I are seriously regretting not buying a bear. Sob! 

If you're interested in cooking your own cocktails on the RV, head to to sign up. They are soon to be setting up a permanent location in the new year which is very exciting!

So all in all we had a pretty amazing weekend in London from swanky award ceremonies, to cooking cocktails- it was definitely one of my favourite weekends this year!

I also vlogged the weekend too which will give you a better idea of how the awards and cooking went:

See you Tuesday!

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  1. LOVED reading this and seeing the Vlog - especially of the Breaking Bad Pop Up, so glad you enjoyed it. Were you a bit merry when you wrapped up the vlog perchance? ;)

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura


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