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Friday 20 November 2015

12 Crafts of Christmas

Today's post is I guess a sort of pre-warning that there's A LOT of Christmas crafts coming your way...

Call me organised (or anal), but since October I've been planning to share 12 crafts of Christmas with you all.

I know it's still only November but if you're a keen crafter like myself, you'll know that crafts take a bit of time and if you want to be organised you've got to start early!

A lot of the things I'll be sharing with you are relatively easy and simple to do but make Christmas that little bit more special when you know they're home made!

I'll  be starting off on Tuesday with two different ways you can create your own advent calendar- just in time before December starts, then heading onto kits you can buy, home made tree decorations, cards, gift wrapping and more!

I hope you enjoy the crafts that I share and if you're making things yourself this year I'd love to know what you're doing too!

See you Tuesday for the first instalment of Christmas crafts and if you want a sneak peek at some of the crafts to come, click the video below:

Are you crafting this Christmas?

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