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Tuesday 30 December 2014

Laydey Katabella 2014

laydey katabella

I’m going to reflect on to the year today. It’s not to brag by any means, I just think it’s good to acknowledge the years achievements with the new year ever looming.

This year I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands which I’d never done before and found very exciting. Black Tied, Argan Dew and as well as a few others which I won’t name now as it’ll spoil the upcoming blog posts.

I’ve also been mentioned in a few places of the internet world, Face Lace’s press page and modelling Black Tied’s jewellery on their website too.  It’s so lovely to get a mention!

laydey katabella

laydey katabella

My wedding stationary was also a huge hit this year, with my DIY rustic wedding invitations uploaded in February and hitting over 33,000 views (and counting) on youtube by December. 

laydey katabella diy rustic bohemian wedding invitations

It’s insane but I’m so glad people like it and find it inspiring for their own weddings.  Something I made as a bit of fun whilst making my own wedding invites has been so popular and so much so that I was approached by to work with them as a teacher on their site. Here you can enrol on my course and learn how to make all of my wedding stationary from save the dates right through to thank you cards.

In September the blog had a huge make-over to what it is now. Originally it was a basic layout of stars and crappy font which didn’t really reflect my blog well at all.

laydey katabella
laydey katabella

I somehow managed to create the new layout myself through some guess work, googling and lots of cups of tea. I’m so glad I figured out how to do it myself as I got exactly what I wanted and I love it! This has spread to the Youtube channel too which has benefitted from a new logo and a touch more editing which I’m still playing around with and hope to further improve in the New Year.
laydey katabella youtubeI’ve also got involved a bit more in the blogging community which has been fun but I must admit a bit nerve-wracking. It’s definitely been a positive experience though as I’ve met some wonderful ladies, some of which I asked to guest post this month whilst I’m on my holidays. It’s so exciting having amazing creative bloggers taking time out to write for my blog and I’ll always be so grateful to them.  My favourite blogs are listed under “blogs I heart” at the top of the blog if you want to see who’s blogs I enjoy reading.

It’s definitely been a good year, the best year in fact for the blog and youtube channel. I know some of you reading will think my years “achievements” are very small scale but to me they’ve been exciting and fulfilling. I came into youtube and blogging with no agenda and no expectations and do it primarily for my own enjoyment as a hobby. Anything else is a bonus in my opinion so to get this far has been great and I only hope that I can do this well next year. We shall see!

And finally, thank you once again for reading, watching, subscribing and following. I really do appreciate it and hope my blog continues to bring you some enjoyment.


  1. Sounds like you have had a really great year (: can't wait to see what you do in 2015!

    1. Thank you lovely! For me it's been pretty awesome :-). Thank you, I have a lot of exciting ideas an content in the pipeline :-D xx


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