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Friday 29 August 2014

Moving Keep on Moving...

So in case you don't follow me on Instagram (which you should by the way- Laydey_Katabella) you may not already know that Chris & I are moving back to the UK!

We are currently at this very moment rallying around the removal men, shifting these bastard boxes and sweating our tits off but it'll all be worth it. I'm sooo unbelievably excited to move back to the UK. You wouldn't realise just how much you miss old blighty until you leave. Even silly things like popping to Tesco or doing an online shop or watching freeview seem really exciting as we've not had it for so long. It sounds daft right? I'm also incredibly excited to bring the pets with us. To see Harry run in the fields, fields with grass will be so so lovely and going on long walks. Bliss.

You may think I'm crazy and thinking whaaat the UK is rubbish, especially when you've been able to sunbathe for a whole year. I can reassure you though that the sun although it is lovely, it can be irritating. The Cyprus summers are long and sweaty and with no air-con it's hard to stay cool. Sometimes you just want to feel a normal temperature! I have been craving cosy nights in, warm things like hot chocolates, stews and knit wear. I'm a British girl through and through and I didn't even realise it until we left.

Don't get me wrong it's been a real experience moving abroad and being part of a different culture but it's not for me. I'm a home girl. I like what I like and I miss my friends and family. I will miss the lovely people we have met here and the beach walks with Harry, but not as much as I've missed home.

Anyway our stuff is going today so we'll be living out of suitcases for the next 6 weeks until we leave. By the time we arrive back in the UK our things shall be at our new house in Yorkshire!

It's time for a new chapter.



  1. Hope everything goes smoothly for you :)
    I hate moving, and I've only ever done it from one side of Bath to the other on my own... let alone another country!


    1. Thanks Kirsty! The removal men were great, just took aaages and now without anything for 6 weeks..thank god for the internet that's all I can say! xx


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