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Saturday 7 December 2013

The Christmas Party

Tonight I'm babysitting for friends whilst they head out for their Christmas party so I thought I'd show y'all what I wore to my better halfs do last Friday!

Dress- Warehouse
Heels- River Island
Bag- Aubrey

In hindsight I should have photographed me in it prior to the party but it was dark and I took ages getting ready! Hey ho.. Anyway I decided to go for a dress with colour. This time of year is pretty gloomy and with that in mind I opted to steer clear of anything black and go for something that stands out- plus everyone wears black! I feel like this dress looks a bit ice like? The blues and the greys giving a wintery type of look but it also looks good in the summer- winner! It's a warehouse dress which usually I wouldn't go for but they had some decent pieces last summer aaaand I nabbed this in the sales! The sequin detail around the busy really adds to the festive Christmassy feel. 

The heels I love to pieces but with them being nubuck they show up every mark, scuff and scrape but they've lasted me four years and still going strong! I only recently purchased a bag to match. This Aubrey one is almost identical in colour which I was so chuffed with, ordering it from ASOS so couldn't be sure of the true colour. I have altered it slightly as the strap did have gold chain around it originally which to me made it look cheap. Apart from that it's a great bag with plenty of space (for flat shoes!) and again bought in the sales. I'm such a savvy shopper ;-).

Okay so here's one snap of me from the night. Slightly spangled on cheap wine (which I paid for the next day) but none the less having a great time with my lovely Christopher!

What are you wearing to your Christmas do? I'd love to see what everyone else is wearing! But most importantly have a great time, dance your socks off and embrace the festive period!

Merry Christmas,


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