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Tuesday 16 September 2014

The side swept braid hair

So recently I tried something a little different with my hair, something I refer to as the side swept braid hair. The images are what I posted to instagram and I got some lovely compliments. Having long hair means you can create lots of different styles and I was getting a bit bored of my usual swishy curly mane so thought I'd switch it up. It's also been boiling in Cyprus over the summer and this style means I can wear it down but have some airy freedom around my neck so I don't boil!

It's a really really easy look to achieve and I think the contrast gives the illusion of a shaven side of your head; something which I think looks really cool but I'd never dare go for.

I think its a really versatile hairstyle with regards to styling. It would look great for an evening look and be rather elegant or as more of a grungy rock vibe with a band tee and boots.

If you want to know how to do this hairstyle yourself I've done a super simple youtube tutorial so click below!

What do you think to this hair do?

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