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Thursday 28 November 2013

Get Ready With Me | Winter Roses

I've been meaning to do an outfit post on this dress for quite some time. It's actually a spaghetti strap dress and kinda halter neck but as the days are getting windier (is that a word?) and cooler here in Cyprus, I decided to pop a tee underneath.

Dress- ASOS
Shoes- eBay
Tee- Tesco 
Bracelets- home made & present

I'm having a really good hair day today for a change as I've finally had the brain wave to turn the heat setting down on my Remington pearl wand. As much as I love the curly glam look I do prefer relaxed waves so have asked for the enrapture totem styler for Christmas/ Birthday. Fingers crossed I get one ^_^. Anyway back to the outfit. I love swing dresses at the moment. They're so easy to wear and great for days when I'm feeling a bit bloated or just want to hide. Is that a thing or is it just me? The rose print isn't overly summery or wintry so its great for all seasons especially with it being so easy to layer. The boots were a bit of an impulse buy before I left the UK. I didn't have any black flat boots I could wear with bare legs so went for these bad boys. I love studs, adding to the grungy rock vibe I try to go for.

So that's my outfit! I've also done a "Get ready with me" video showing you how I did my fro and face as well as showing you my outfit. If you want to check out the video click below!

It's nearly Friiiiday, yippee!


Tuesday 26 November 2013

Losing my M.A.C virginity!

Well today at age 24 and 11 months I lost my virginity... Before you start thinking "what!? Eew too much information madam" I lost my M.A.C virginity! 

As I've mentioned in my last post I have been living in Cyprus for two months or so and since moving here my skin has tanned quite a bit on my body. It's fading a touch now as it is winter here too (by winter I mean cloudy and the odd bit of rain but still early 20s!) but I still have been in dyer need of some new foundation!

I don't know why but my face doesn't like to match the rest of me when I tan so I've been stuck with a pasty face and brown bod. My foundation back home was the no7 beautifully matte foundation in shade natural beige, this being my summer shade (ha!) but now that looks truly stupid on me. Anyway to cut a long story short you can't get no7 products in Cyprus (as far as I'm aware) and I came across the M.A.C store in my local mall...

I've been curious about M.A.C for a while but if I'm totally honest I've always found it a bit intimidating? I associate MUAs and people who really know their stuff shopping in there whereas I am quite frankly a total novice. 

My shopping experience was a tad taxing due to the language barrier between myself and the shop assistant. Her English was relatively good but the Cypriot accent threw me. Note to self: must learn greek! But she got the gist of what I was wanting. "Match my face to my body so I don't look so pasty please" was how it sort of went down. 

I went with the studio fix foundation due to my wonderfully oily complexion. This product contains no oil and has an SPF of 15 so my face can remain pasty underneath without getting wrinkly- result. I probably didn't choose the best day to go foundation shopping with it being so god dam cloudy and I also didn't check it outside before buying either due to feeling stupid which ultimately could have led to me paying for a product which was the wrong shade. Thankfully it seems okay, what dyou think?

I think it matches up to my body a bit more hence the arm posing/ criminal selfies haha.

My initial thoughts on the studio fix were "ooh this smells weird" and "you have to buy a pump separate!? What!?" I don't know if I'm just used to cheap products or something but I think the pump should be sold as part of the product? And the smell is something to get used to. It reminds me of clay mixed with fake tan? Not the nicest smelling product in my opinion. Apart from that it goes on well and is buildable which will be good if I want some extra coverage for any breakouts or evening wear. My only main fault is I found it didn't hide large pores around my nose all that well but that's perhaps the way I applied it. 

The studio finish concealer is a whole new experience as well as a- it's super tiny and b- I'm used to a more liquid consistency from the likes of collection 2000 but I guess it's a bit like stick concealer? It does the job although I may opt for something else around my eyes as it seemed to crease a bit after a few hours.

The bronzer was a bit of an impulse buy as my old one hit pan and broke but again this is niiice. Not too shimmery although I would've opted for matte if they had it. 

The packaging is pretty swish and looks good but I have to say the no7 products in my opinion are still rivalling it as well as the fact you get 30ml of foundation product with no7 and 24ml with m.a.c but hey maybe it lasts longer? I doubt it though..

On a whole my first experience with m.a.c is they do good products but maybe try some cheaper alternatives that are just as good? I'm a believer in saving money but also good investments. If anyone can recommend some other good brands at good prices, let me know :-). Or if you love m.a.c and want to convert me, tell me what products you'd recommend :-).

Anyway I've tried m.a.c and lost my m.a.c virginity and lets just say it doesn't intimidate me now ha!


Sunday 24 November 2013

How I spend my Sundays

So it's been just over two months now since my big move to Cyprus and this is how I've been spending most of my Sundays. I know this post is only a tiny bit "fashiony" but sometimes it's good just to kick back and embrace your surroundings.

Sandals- Vivienne Westwood
Dress- Thrifted
Bag- Vintage
Sunglasses- knock of Ray Bans

I've been loving sun dresses of late as they're so easy to chuck on. I went to lunch after the beach so I didn't look too scruffy, plus I put my hair into a simple fishtail braid so I didn't look too windswept either! My Viv sandals are my go-to sandals being so god damn comfy and being made of plastic they're pretty hardy! My sunnies were a knock off pair of ray bans from a tourist shop in Paphos after I broke my last pair (sob!) 

I've also been trying to get a bit creative with the old nails again but this time on my natural nails which have grown looooads since being out here. Must be the sun? I still have a shaky hand when it comes to doing anything fancy but I think a flick and a bit of glitter can look quite effective.

So like I was saying.. sometimes you need to relax and let go, enjoy what's around you and appreciate the simple things- sand in my case! I know its bloody freezing back in the UK but you wouldn't believe how much you'd miss a cold winter walk when it's warm all the time!

Hope you've all had a fab weekend.


Friday 15 November 2013

My go to easy simple braids | Fishtail braid & Oversized side pancake braid

Hello lovely people!

Todays post is a hair related one for a change. Recently I've been getting bored of doing the same hairstyles- down and curly or up in a top knot. They really aren't doing it for me at present so I've ventured into braid territory...

The fishtail braid

I love this braid, it's so simple and easy to do yet looks really effective and I've been getting lots of compliments on it and questions on how to do it. To be honest it looks more complicated than it really is but once you know how it's really simple! I like taking random sized sections of hair to give it more of a messy look as I'm not one for uniform perfect hair!

The Oversized side plait

I don't know what else to call this really. All I know is it's different and a bit unusual to your average braid which is why I love it. It's perhaps not as wearable as the fishtail braid but it certainly makes a statement and to me it gives off a bohemian vibe. I wore this braid a lot whilst at Secret Garden Party over the summer and added hair rings into it and/or a floral crown (see blog post) which really set off the festival theme. Again this is a really simple braid to do but looks really effective and great for anyone who dares to pull it off!

So there we have it, my two current favourite braids to do. I hope you like them! If you decide to recreate them yourself, tweet me @laydeykatabella or leave a comment to your blog post below :-). Check out the Youtube video below to see how I did them:

Have a great weekend!


Monday 11 November 2013

Flippy flops

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! I've been busy entertaining my lovely best friend who has sadly left island now. But I'm back to do more posts! This one being on flip flops...

Flip flops- Lee Cooper

So having recently moved abroad last minute it dawned on me that I hadn't bought any flip flops this year! The uk is never exactly amazing for summer weather so is decided to try and be a bit frugal this year.. I wish I hadn't! My last pair were from accessorize and I literally wore them down to the bone and Sod's law they're not selling them now! Damn you autumn winter..

So I opted for these bad boys which I picked up for £7 (reduced from (£24) from sports direct! Never even thought to try in there until my other half took me to get some sports wear. They're super super comfy with material between the toes (rubber hurts my tootsies!) and love the star design. The only thing I would say is perhaps I should had got a smaller size? I'm a size 6 but they seem really long in front of my toes? Also after a few weeks of wear the stars have started to rub off but it is only under my feet so it's not visible when on.

On a whole I like these flip flops for mucking about it but they're not overly feminine to go with dresses etc due to their size, thong thickness and sole thickness but for £7 you can't go wrong and they're soooooo comfy. Looking forward to a trip back to the uk for a major shopping trip next summer to stock up!

Hope you're all well,

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