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Tuesday 14 June 2016

Chateau de Saint Paterne

What feels like a lifetime ago, I had the true pleasure of staying at Chateau de Saint Paterne in Normandy France, courtesy of Eurotunnel after winning their #Petlovers competiton (which you can read here.)

Chris, Harry and I travelled down in our car via the Eurotunnel and couldn't quite believe our luck when we arrived. Set on acres of land, this was pure heaven and the perfect place to be for three nights over a bank holiday!

We'd been told we were staying in the "Orangerie" room. known as the best room at the château and couldn't believe our luck when we first set eyes on it.

This room was just heaven and everything I could have wanted and more. The décor was gorgeous, mixing the new and the old in an eclectic look that really complimented the room. The back drop behind the bed was an antique stage back drop used in the Barcelona theatre back in 1885 and was just stunning. Everything had been perfectly styled and teamed with the light coming through the huge french windows and doors, it was a blogger's heaven!
There were also subtle hints that this place was definitely dog friendly, with these paw imprints in the bathroom and doggy treats on the room service menu which Harry was ever so pleased about.

I must admit I'm always slightly sceptical of "dog friendly" accommodation, assuming that we will get a shabbier room because of our four legged friend but here this certainly was not the case!
Our stay included a complimentary bottle of champagne each day so after jumping around and squealing like kids on Christmas (this was mainly me), we quickly unpacked and took our champers to the pool side!

We were lucky enough to be the only guests at the pool, having the whole area to ourselves and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Harry even did a spot of sun bathing on my lounger before sniffing away at all the plants and new smells.

The owners of the Chateau were very welcoming and more than happy for Harry to roam around the grounds whilst we relaxed, which put our minds at ease and he was soon making friends with their resident westies.
I can't begin to tell you how content I felt here and how relaxing the surroundings were but I think this photograph sums it up rather nicely. We spent a few hours chilling by the poolside but soon it was time to get ready for drinks and dinner.
Another interesting feature to note about the château was their honesty bar. In the drawing room and by the pool were a vast selection of drinks for you to help yourself to and in return they asked that you wrote what you'd had in the honesty book to then pay at the end of your stay. I loved this idea and how it added to the laid back feel of the place because grand as it was, there wasn't anything that made it feel pretentious or snooty and I loved that.

Harry again was able to join us for both aperitifs and dinner in the dining room which he loved and sat by our side like a noble stead!

The dining room was again beautifully decorated and welcoming. The food was also something else...I mean I like chicken but this was amazing. Infused with herbs and garlic, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it and Harry was terribly chuffed that we let him have some too! They even brought seconds out which Chris was incredibly pleased about. I was in love with the fact that a) it was a four course dinner and b) course number three was cheese and salad, with the real emphasis for me being the cheese! All the food was locally sourced and prepared to perfection which pleased my food baby greatly and each night we had something freshly prepared and cooked to perfection.

Before we knew it, the dinner service was finished and we were drinking into the small hours with some wonderful people also staying at the Château and then it was time to hit the hay.

Waking up in the Orangerie to these views is something I'll never forget. It's just. so. beautiful...!! We had been asked whether we'd like breakfast in the dining room the next morning or in our room so we opted to enjoy the room and have breakfast sent over.
Breakfast here was sooo good, with plenty to choose from and enough to keep you going all day. Of course I went for cheese, my excuse being I'm on holiday and it'd be a crime not to eat cheese in France. Am I right?
The rest of our stay at the Château was extremely relaxing, being treated to a full body massage and lots more poolside time, champagne and eating gorgeous food. All three of us had simply the best time and I cannot recommend this place enough. It's a little peace of heaven and the perfect retreat for a long weekend for both dogs and humans. I've already made Chris promise that we'll come back to visit as I've got a bug for the place now which isn't usually like me. I like to travel to lots of places and have never felt the need to return anywhere until I came here which is saying a lot.
We were genuinely sad to leave the château, Harry in particular and we will certainly be returning!

Also check out my vlog snippets from our stay to see more of the chateau:



  1. This honestly looks just stunning! What a lovely place to stay, and it looks so lovely and SO dog friendly. Being allowed by the pool and with you at most times is such a plus, and what you want with dog friendly places. I love SO MANY of these photos, so so sweet.
    Love Steph & The Spaniels

    1. Aww thanks Steph! I would highly recommend you visiting with yur gorgeous pooches. You would love it! xxx

  2. Was jealous before I read this and now am even more so! What a wonderful treat for you three. Great photos too, they really showed the feel of the place. I think I will have to investigate booking some time there too, maybe a bloggers retreat is needed!?

    1. Thank you Ally. I wanted to snap everything but photos don't do it anywhere near as much justice as it deserves! I'm definitely up for a bloggers retreat!! xx


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